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Morgan | Chippewa Valley High School | Class of 2017 | High School Senior Photography

September 23, 2016

Congratulations Morgan from Chippewa Valley High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had so much fun with you during your High School Senior Photography session!  The rain was a bit of a stinker, but you rocked it!  Morgan enjoys playing soccer, loves music and her dog! Morgan chose to go to Mount Clemens and George George park. “I loved these locations and I think that they provided nice scenery for the photos.” The City of Mount Clemens and George George Park have been a very popular combination this year.  It is a great combination of urban and earthy and it seems to match many of the personalities of our High School Seniors this year.  As a self described “motivated, energetic and passionate” person, I see Morgan doing well with her future plans of hopefully attending either Saginaw Valley State University or Central Michigan University. It is great being a High School Senior, the world is still before you!  You will rock this world Morgan!

Morgan was going for a look that was as natural as possible for her photo shoot. She brought 3 outfits with her and she felt that was the perfect amount.  She accessorized her outfits simply and the only jewelry she wore was a simple pair of earrings.  Her approach was a simple look and this all worked together perfectly to meet that goal. As far as hair and makeup, Morgan tried to not go too overboard.  She went to Tangles Hair and Nail Salon and she was very happy with the result, she felt “they did a great job on my hair.” Her goal was to let her natural beauty shine through and she succeeded.  Morgan is a beautiful girl, both inside and out, we had a nice time with Morgan and her mom. Morgan’s advice for future Seniors is “to have everything that you need to bring set out the night before so you are not scrambling the next day when you are getting ready.”  If I remember correctly, there was a piece of wardrobe left behind and dad had to come to the rescue! The most important prop for Morgan was her dog because “she has been a huge part of my life.” And the pup was part of her shoot.  Dogs don’t always cooperate, there is so much going on and the dog tends to get a bit overwhelmed.  It is, however, nice to be able to include such an important part of someone’s life.

Morgan told us that her “biggest worry was that I was going to feel and look totally uncomfortable. The photographers put my worries at ease after I experienced how friendly they were and how fun the whole process is.” It is always fun to hear how each client felt prior to the shoot.  It is very normal to feel nervous and uncomfortable at first.  Morgan seemed to have such an ease about her, I would have never guessed that she was so worried!  We are glad that we were able to ease her fears and her overall experience turned out to be “very fun! I felt like a model and I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out.” Morgan’s ease helped her to play the model part and her pictures turned out beautifully! Morgan wants other Seniors “to try not to stress over little things because the photographers know what they are doing, try to have fun!” Great advice Morgan and we hope other Seniors take a chance to read and learn all these fun tips for our future High School Senior Photography Sessions!

We had a great time with you Morgan and we wish you all the best this year and in your future!

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

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