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Sara | L’Anse Creuse High School | Class of 2017 | High School Senior Photography

September 26, 2016

Congratulations Sara from L’Anse Creuse High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time doing something a little different with you for your shoot.  Sara chose the “performing arts center specifically for the piano since it was the first instrument I learned to play at 4, and I still play it today.  George George Park was so I could have outdoor photos in a nice area where we didn’t have to stomp through mud to get anywhere or get eaten alive by bugs and both locations worked out perfectly.” It was pretty awesome getting a chance to shoot at JPAC for artsy pictures with the piano and then head to George George  Memorial Park for some outdoor pictures and pictures with her oboe to round out the shoot to match Sara’s interests and personalities for her High School Senior Photography Session.

Sara has been in the marching band for all four years of High School and “that’s really it because band and AP classes take up a lot of time.” Sara plans on going to Eastern Michigan University to study Music Therapy and Music Composition and her plan is at some point she will be writing film scores for big movies. Sara told us “everyone I’ve almost ever talked to calls me a “force of nature”.” With all of her talent and interests and her beautiful personality, I can see her as a force of nature. Look out world, this girl is going to go places!

Sara doesn’t feel she is a very social person (I would respectfully disagree (: ) and she has a very natural and artistic vibe about her. So her goal for her shoot was to make it look like it was a natural shoot.  “I didn’t want a whole bunch of makeup on and my hair done up differently because it isn’t what I normally look like – I wanted my shoot to actually portray what I am like.” To help with her “natural” theme, Sara brought three outfits and she felt that was the perfect amount, “not too many to fumble with but not just one either.” She also brought with her jewelry that meant something to her.  She always wears a “lots and lots of rings and a few of my favorite necklaces just to tie everything together.” All of her choices worked beautifully together and I think we were easily able to meet her goal of keeping her session true to Sara.  She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit and she knows what she likes and how she wanted it to turn out.  We were honored to be given the privilege of helping make that happen.

Being that Sara feels she isn’t a very social person, she thought everything would have been super awkward but she said that it ended up being “a really fun time.” Sara felt “the session was really fun, both Jen and Angela are very professional but also make you feel comfortable being around them.” I have to say that Sara was very open minded and willing to trust our judgment which always works to everyone’s advantage. Her advice for other Seniors is to “just relax and not worry about what everything will look like.  Trust that the professional photographers know what they are doing.”  She also suggested seniors should “just do everything like you regularly do (maybe with a little more effort since they are professional photos) but try and make is seem like the shoot just sort of happened.” It is definitely a delicate balance as the goal is to be as natural as possible.  The best way to accomplish that goal is to be open minded, share your vision and trust your photographers.  Let us pull all of that together and let us make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

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