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August 15, 2017 10:32 AM Blog
Next up on the Blog is Maria, a member of our Class of 2018 model team from Eisenhower High School. Maria is a competitive dancer at Suzette's Masters of Dance. She is also a captain of Eisenhower Varsity Dance Team. Maria is also president of a club at her school called Project Unify, which is to include the LCCE/Special Education students at school and "make them feel more like us to experience a normal high school experience." As a self described humble, dedicated,  and caring person, Maria plans on "attending a university and pursuing something that interests me and also that I excel in." Maria was truly a kind, patient and extremely considerate student to work with as she constantly checked on her mom to see if she needed help carrying anything.  Maria, we see such a bright future ahead of you!  Enjoy your senior year! 

Maria chose to visit both George George Park and Downtown Mount Clemens for her senior session.  Maria's vision for her shoot was in one word, "trendy" and we think that was easily accomplished.  It was a bit hectic in Downtown Mount Clemens that day as they were having a Antique Car show.  Parking was a bit tricky but we figured it out and we were glad we ended the session Downtown. Maria choose 4 outfits and felt that was perfect.  She also "enhanced" her different outfits with  different pieces of jewelry and fun heels/shoes.  Her style of clothing and accessories definitely contributed in meeting her goal of a trendy shoot. Maria could honestly wear just about anything and still look amazing! 

As far as hair and make-up, Maria suggests doing your own hair and make-up so that "it's nothing to surprise you the day of and you can feel comfortable and confident with how you look." She also suggests that you pick out outfits far in advance "so that you don't need to stress when it comes down to it.  As it gets closer, begin to browse for other accessories accordingly."  And we could not have said it better.  Those that plan in advance and make adjustments closer to the session, always feel more confident, relaxed and satisfied with their choices on the day of the session. And no matter what, the best piece of advice is to "just be yourself and have fun with them!"  So true Maria!  So true! 

Maria plans on having another shoot, possibly during a season change and she plans to have photos with her dance uniform and have her yearbook image taken during that session.  Adding a second session, even just a mini session, allows the High School Senior an option to have photos taken during a different time of year.  She can also change her hair style or bring with her props that she didn't have with her during her first session. We are definitely looking forward to the next session as well! 
"It was amazingly unique and definitely exceeded my expectations. I loved how there are multiple photographers. They knew exactly where to go in the park to take perfect photos! I had so much fun." ~ Maria

If you are a High School Senior or a parent of one, give us a call today to set up your Classic Senior Session or visit our online scheduling to set up your appointment at your convienence.  Appointments are booking quickly so don't delay! 

August 12, 2017 08:42 AM Blog

Welcome to the Class of 2018 Model team Lily! As self described "different, caring, and determined", Lily has plans to attend Wayne State for medical schooling of some sort after her senior year at L'Anse Creuse High School Central.  Lily is a drum major this year with the L'Anse Creuse Marching Band and she also loves reading and being in the outdoors.   Poor Lily ended up with an unexpected sunburn the day before and she and her mom were really concerned that it would affect the outcome of her pictures.  Fortunately for Lily, it worked out great with a little help from her long hair and her outfit choices!  We told ya, no worries!  

Lily chose a fun combination for her High School Senior shoot.  We were able to visit Comerica Park, the Fox, the back of the DIA, Eastern Market and Belle Isle.  Whew!  It helped that she was well organized and willing to change in the car in between locations.  Her goal was "something original and unique." and therefore she chose the Detroit area. "I love downtown and it's looks." She and her family scoped out the locations prior to the shoot which helped us be able to swiftly move from one location to the next in an effort to meet and exceed her expectations. 

The fun part about downtown is the various different back drops available.  It allows the Senior to coordinate outfits to their personalities and the location.  Lily brought 4 outfits and ended up only wearing 3 but she felt that was the perfect amount for her.  She chose to accessorize with rings and a necklace. Lily suggests that you "make sure you have everything ready before the day of pictures, outfits, accessories, shoes, etc." and we couldn't agree more.  We would take it one step further and suggest that you try on each outfit with the accessories and any necessary undergarments to make sure everything fits and sits just the way you had hoped it would.  Lily pulled off all of her outfits beautifully!  Nice job Lily! 

As far as hair and makeup, Lily visited April Babcock from Excel Salon Spa. Lily looked flawless!  She suggested you make sure to "use lots of hair spray and bring extra bobby pins. April Babcock was great for both hair and makeup." Fortunately, for Lily, the weather was perfect and the wind was not an issue. We couldn't have asked for better conditions. Lily was concerned that it "would be too windy, but the weather was excellent." With Michigan weather, you just never know, especially this year!  So our best advice is to be prepared for any and everything!  

Lily said her overall senior photo session experience with us was excellent and that she had a lot of fun with us!! So excited to see how they come out! ~Lily

If you are a part of the Class of 2018 or a parent of a student that is graduating this year, don't hesitate to give us a class or visit or online scheduler to make your appointment.  We also offer a free consultation to help you decide your location and wardrobe changes.  Don't hesitate! Book today! 

August 8, 2017 08:00 AM Blog
Next up, James, Class of 2018 from L'Anse Creuse High School.  James is a very outgoing, hardworking and giving young man. James is currently one of the colorguard captains the L'Anse Creuse High School marching band. He is also am very heavily involved with Relay for Life. James plans on continuing his colorguard and academic career at Michigan State University and plans to major in Chemical Engineering.  Wow James! We know you can do it! You are an amazing young man with such a bright future ahead of you.

James decided that he wanted to use Downtown New Baltimore for his location. He chose " Down Town New Baltimore because it had a verity of background from the city look to on the lake."  If you haven't visited Downtown New Baltimore, now is a great time.  It is a fun little downtown area with shops, restaurants and of course the lake.  He picked a great spot for the type of session he had in mind. "I was going for my look lol which is a laid back preppy style." Nice choice James, you pulled it off perfectly!

Guys seem to have a little bit of an easier time with clothing, accessories and props. James brought about 5 outfit options.  He felt it was the perfect amount.  He brought "lots of inter-changeable tops and bottoms to make it easier throughout the shoot."  Thankfully, James was flexible with his changing locations as it is not always easy to find a convenient place to change in a Downtown location. He didn't accessorize much beside some cut Sperry's or Tom's and he chose not to bring any props with him for his session besides his Relay for Life T-shirt that he proudly displayed.  His advice for other seniors would be "tell them what you want! It's all about you and they will make it happen if you want it." You are very right James!  We need you to tell us what it is you are looking for in your session.  The more we know, the better your session will suit you.

We had an great time with you James and plenty of laughs.  That's the best kind of way to end a great session!

"My was amazing. I had a great time with Jen and Angela but whats new. I could not have picked two better people to do it with." ~ James

Now is the time to give us a call, set up your session and Capture these special moments that you will cherish for a life time.  If you have questions, or need some help deciding on a location, give us a call.  We are always happy to set up a free consultation with you prior to your session to make it the best session ever!  Call today or book your appointment online.  Don't delay, Senior spots are filling up quickly.  

August 5, 2017 08:00 AM Blog

It's time to meet Kasey, Class of 2018, from Anchor Bay High School! Kasey, a self described thoughtful, compassionate and witty person, has plans to attend college after graduation but hasn't quite decided where she wants to attend. She sees herself in the nursing or teaching fields. Have fun this year!  You are going to do great things! 

We met up with Kasey and her mom at Belle Isle on a warm July evening. The sun was shining, Belle Isle was busy but not crazy busy and Kasey came prepared with her gorgeous smile.  Casey chose Belle Isle because she thought Belle Isle was a beautiful place and she loves the view of Detroit from the Island. Tonight was yet another night that Belle Isle did not disappoint! If you haven't been to Belle Isle recently, you must!

As with every session, a bit of planning has to take place. The first choice is location and she had that one covered! Next up would be outfits.  Kasey "tried to match all of my outfits for the same color scheme, but I also wanted to show what was in style at the time so when I look back on my pictures years from now, I can remember the styles as they change." Kasey mixed it up with a dress, a romper and a pair of jeans. Kasey had wished she had brought more wardrobe choices since she had a few issues with the options she brought but we were able to make it work and everything turned out beautifully. Kasey suggests that other seniors "try to keep your clothes simple to make changing easier, and don't lose your smile!" Great advice Kasey!

In addition to clothing, she also brought with her earrings and jewelry to match the outfits she had planned.  Accessorizing  often adds that extra touch to pull everything together. Along with accessories, you can't forget hair and make up!  For Kasey, she did her own makeup and had her mom's friend, Stephanie, curl her  "hair to dress it up a little." The whole look turned out beautifully!  We also suggest that Seniors not deviate to far from their normal appearance. Casey's advice for someone else that may be preparing for a senior photo session... "Practice your smile and whiten your teeth!"

"I had a great time!" ~ Kasey 

If you are graduating this year or have a student graduating this year, it is now time to have Senior Pictures taken!  Call today at 586-646-8189 or feel free to book online.  Spots are filling fast, we don't want you to miss your chance for memorable High School Senior Photographs. 

August 4, 2017 08:25 AM Blog

Welcome Baby Ellie!  The birth of a new baby is always an exciting time for a young family and having a Newborn Photography session helps to capture moments that seem to go by so very quickly as the family adjusts and settles into their new "normal". We were very excited to have the opportunity to photograph baby Ellie after having spent time with Mom, Dad and Ellie's big brother during their maternity session.  Big Brother Nolan was an excellent little helper with his baby sister.  

Baby Ellie decided that she wanted to be awake for her session even though that time of day was typically (as typical as a New Baby can be) her sleepy time.  She was ready to party!  The upside to a wide awake newborn is the opportunity to see her beautiful eyes.  Eventually, we were able to work our magic and Ellie succumbed to our rocking, swaying, warming, and pacifier tricks we keep up our sleeves for just such an occasion. 

Thank you for trusting us with your little girl!  We look forward to seeing Ellie and her family for the next year!  

If you or someone you know is expecting, give us a call!  While all baby's have a time frame of their own, we encourage expecting parents to contact us and we can start planning your perfect Newborn Session. It is best to plan to have your newest member in our studio within 5-10 days after birth, if at all possible.  

Give us a call today at 586-646-8189 or book your Newborn Session online at your convenience. 

August 3, 2017 08:00 AM Blog
It is our pleasure to introduce you to Mackenzie, a member of the Class of 2018 from L'Anse Creuse High school and self described as "funny, determined and down to earth." After graduation, she plans on "mostly working through summer than concentrating on school." Mackenzie is hoping to attend Oakland University, University of Detroit Mercy or Wayne State to Major as a Nurse Anesthetist.

Every chance we get, we encourage our High School Seniors to include props  that represent you and what you are interested in and what you have accomplished during your school years. Mackenzie is currently involved in Marching Band, Symphony Band and the Winterguard through L'Anse Creuse High School. Because of her activities, Mackenzie brought her guard flag and guard jacket. as she wanted a few pictures to commemorate her involvement in guard.

Mackenzie chose Belle Isle, Comerica Park and Downtown Detroit as her locations for her session in order to incorporate her vision to include baseball, graffiti and the sunset off Belle Isle.  Mackenzie's advice to others would be that "before booking, think about places you want to go to and what type of effect your looking for. Think of places that are memorable to you." With outdoor locations, there is always a concern with the weather and this summer has been a challenge!  Mackenzie feared that "since I had outside pictures there was the fear of rain. A good thing for us, the weather cooperated and we had the most beautiful day imaginable." And yes it was, simply gorgeous! 

As with locations, clothing, accessories and preparation and very important.  Mackenzie brought 7 outfits with her and she felt that was plenty.  She brought outfits with her that were so that she could have different looks through all of the poses.  She warns others that "if you are offsite be prepared to change in the car. Not many places have facilities where you can change." That is a great piece of advice.  Typically, there are very few options for places to change your clothes and you want to waste as little time as possible during outfit changes in order to maximize your session time and locations. Mackenzie also suggests that 'if you plan on using a background that is very busy like graffiti make sure you have neutral clothing. You don't want to clash with the background." This is a very important tip because you want to make sure you are 100% happy with the images after your session.  Planning ahead helps to ensure success and seamlessness throughout your session. 
Another important piece to keep in mind is hair and make up.  Mackenzie suggests that you attempt to 'look natural' and not use a ton of makeup. She suggests for others to "wear your hair and makeup as close to what you wear everyday that way you look like you and not someone made up for pictures." We always suggest that those that wear make up, to wear a little heavier make up than you would normally wear but not to cross into unnatural for you.  We want you to look the best you can possibly look and make sure you look like you! 
In addition to her senior session at the different Detroit locations, she also had a second session, a mini session, at our studio in New Baltimore.  Mackenzie's mom had a couple images she wanted captured to that involved Mackenzie's siblings.  She also had a special request with the use of a mirror. "The place was very nice and the shots were great there as well. Jen had to purchase a special prop for me for one of my pictures. Even though she never took one like this before she did an amazing job with it." The mirrored image turned out beautifully and I can see us adding that to other sessions for clients that are looking for a traditional type image.  We had a lot of fun with Mackenzie and her mom.  It's always an awesome experience when we all just enjoy our time together.  If you are ready to have your senior session, give us a call or book your appointment online.  We pride ourselves in working hard to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible during your session!

"It was an amazing experience. Had a lot of fun with Jen and Ang." ~ Mackenzie

July 31, 2017 06:00 PM Blog

Sneek Peaks with Cayla, L'Anse Creuse High School, Class of 2017. Cayla came with her dad just a week before her graduation party. It was truly a pleasure to walk the park with her and her dad, swapping stories and talking about the future. She has such a beautiful spirit! Thank you for allowing us to #celebrateyourmoments with you! #captureamomentphoto #highschoolseniorphotos 

July 28, 2017 03:23 PM Blog

Congratulations Jacob! You made it to your senior year! We enjoyed a beautiful evening, walking through the park, stopped at a historic train depot and wrapped up at the studio. We know you will have an amazing senior year, then on to Kettering!!!

Here are just a few sneak peeks from our session with Jacob.  :)

July 28, 2017 10:30 AM Blog
Next up is Jalyn from Cousino High School.  She is a part of our Model Team for the Class of 2018.  She considers herself "smart, ambitious, and caring" with the hope of attending Lawrence Tech after graduation.  She is currently involved in Karate, Color Guard/ Winter Guard, choir and the National Honor Society. Jayln was a pleasure to work with and we hope that her senior year will be full of wonderful experiences. 

For Jalyn, we mixed it up a bit and visited both George George Park and Downtown New Baltimore. She said "I liked both locations! I knew I wanted outdoor pictures and both locations had tons of spots for pretty pictures." The beauty of utilizing both locations is that you end up with both the green landscape and a more urban appeal.  She rocked it at both locations. 
As with every session, outfits play a major role in each High School Senior Session. Jayln brought 4 outfits with her and felt that was plenty. She also accessorized with different jewelry and shoes for each outfit  Her one piece of advice would be to "try to incorporate the same items of clothing in different outfits so it doesn't take as long to change." She suggests that you "have all of your outfits and props in order before hand and think about hairstyles you might want for different pictures in advance." We agree with that advice.  The shoot often flows a bit smoother when the client has a plan and the outfits are  all put together and ready to go.  We can then look at the outfits, the location and create a plan based on the scenery and the ability to change clothes.  

Hair and makeup also play a big part in many sessions.  For Jayln, while we were in Downtown New Baltimore, the wind was incredible.  Jayln suggested bringing hairspray and setting spray with you in an effort to help keep everything in place.  I'm not sure the wind would agree but we sure did have plenty of laughs because of it!  Jalyn was worried that she would mess up her makeup or get makeup on her clothes while changing but "I was careful and it didn't happen!" Jalyn also brought her flag from color guard and her school jacket.  She truly enjoys color guard and wanted to be sure that was included in her senior pictures. 

Congratulations Jayln on your Senior Year!  It's going to go by so very fast.  Enjoy every minute! 
Our golden hour spots are booking up quickly.  If you are a graduating Senior this year or a parent of one, call us today to book your appointment or visit our online scheduler at anytime to find a time that works best with your schedule.  We can't believe it is August already!  Don't delay, fall leaves will be here before you know it! 

July 24, 2017 10:05 PM Blog

So it is time for your Senior Photos and you just aren't sure where to start, what to bring, what to wear, where to go... it can be pretty overwhelming to say the least.  We want this to be a FUN experience and one that will result in images that you will cherish for a lifetime.  For this reason, we always welcome our clients to book a complementary consult in studio.  In a consult, we can give you tips and ideas as to what you can expect and even suggest locations based on your personality.

Don't have time for a consult and just want the nitty gritty, most discussed tips?  You've come to the right place!  Here are our our top 5 things we wish everyone knew before their senior session.

1: Bring wardrobe options!  We LOVE options.  As a general rule, 3-4 outfits is a good place to start.  If you have more, thats great too.  We can help you decide and narrow down choices during your session.  (Side note:  Don't forget the shoes and coordinating socks!)  Not all locations have a legitimate place to change, so keep that in mind.  You may be changing in a car. :) If you are planning on wearing High Heels, keep in mind that there will be a lot of walking involved, and shoes that are easier on the feet may be necessary between spots. 

2: Bring things along with you that make you, YOU!  Play an instrument, or a sport?  You'll want to bring things along with you that represent that part of your life.  If you can carry it on location, we'd love to incorporate it.  If you can't bring it along, let us know and give us the chance to make arrangements to work it out.  We can usually come up with a way to make it work!

3:  Location, Location, Location!  Take some time to think about what location or locations fit your personality.  Do you love the flowers, trees, water fountain type look? Or, do you prefer the more Urban type view with different brick options from different buildings, textures, steps and various doorways?  OR, do you you have a favorite City and think that tells the story of you?  We also visit the City of Detroit and one of our favorite locations at Belle Isle.  Sometimes, our clients prefer to do a couple locations and that works for us, just remember, the session is up to 90 minutes and that includes travel time between locations. Have a favorite place that that might be new to us?!  We love finding new places to explore. We pride ourselves on going with the flow and that is the same with locations, we walk, we talk and are constantly searching for an amazing spot to capture the best shots! 

4: Time of year is very important! To help make the session more uniquely you, the time of year is important.  If you are a person that loves the fall colors and the style of clothing that works with fall, plan your session for fall.  Are you more of a summer outfit with sandals and maybe a visit to the beach to dip your toes in the water, July and August are perfect for you.  If you love the snow, the cold weather clothing, and enjoy being unique, winter is the spot for you. The important part is to remember to dress appropriately for the weather.  If it is going to be hot, plan to dress accordingly.  You don't want your images to show that you are hot and sweaty anymore than you want to look like you are freezing.  

5:  Above all else, relax, enjoy the session, and have fun with it.  The session moves quickly and 90 minutes will fly by faster than you know.  We do our best to incorporate as many different spots/poses/locations/outfit changes that we can to maximize your session. This is your time and the culmination of all your years of hard work!  These images are going to be around, and proudly hanging on a wall somewhere for years.  Make them great!

The last thing you need to do is schedule your appointment!  You are always welcome to give us a call at 586-646-8189 or you are welcome to book your session online from the convenience of your own computer!

July 24, 2017 11:15 AM Blog

Up next on the blog are these three fun loving, crazy kiddos!  Mom wanted to revisit a watermelon themed shoot that we had done together a few years prior, and include her youngest this time arond, (affectionately given his own hashtag, #toocuteluke).  ;-)  Photographing 3 kiddos at one time can be challenging and arguably stressful for mom, but we all worked together and had a great time. 

After what seemed like a million rain related reschedules, the weather finally broke and we ended up with a beautiful evening for a session at George George Park.  We had a fabulous time, as always, and walked away with a lot of great shots. We absolutely LOVE getting a chance to photograph a family as they grow. It feels like just yesterday, we were photographing Sofia and Russell for a Christmas Mini and then we photographed Luke as a Newborn.  It is amazing how fast time flies by and we are so proud to be able to Capture all of these amazing Moments to be cherished forever! Thank you Griffore family for trusting us to #celebrateyourmoments with you!   Griffore family, your gallery is headed your way soon!!

Don't let these years pass you by!  Call us today to schedule your session at 586-646-8189 or feel free to schedule your appointment online.  Don't delay!  The summer is already half over! 

July 23, 2017 02:19 PM Blog

Ang and I have had the pleasure of working with this family and seeing them grow for some time now.  Here are some sneak peeks from our latest session.  Cindy and James... it has always been a blast spending time with you two and both of your lovely girls.  Even with as active as they both are, and sometimes a little camera shy, I think we got some good ones.  Here are some of our favorites.  We hope you love them as much as we do. :)

April 16, 2017 11:52 AM Blog

Special Fairy Art Portrait Event!

Something very magical and very beautiful is coming to Capture a Moment Photography... our Fairy Art Portraiture event!

We want to tell you more about this fantastic event in more detail, provide you with price information and explain things like how it works, and best ways to prepare hair and clothing.  We also want to tell you about all the little touches we add to make the session a very memorable experience for your children, and describe to you the products we have available for purchase after the session.

Please provide your contact information below and a member of our staff will be in touch with more details about this exciting event.


April 13, 2017 08:05 AM Blog

Welcome to world Paisley! We have been working with this beautiful family for quite some time. We were so excited when we found out the family was expanding. It was a bit tricky getting both kiddos in one picture but you can already tell that they will be best buds. Paisley is a beautiful little model and we are looking forward to watching them both blossom. Thank you for trusting us with your precious and perfect family.

April 11, 2017 01:06 PM Blog

We had a great time with little Miss Vivian. She gave us plenty of smiles with the help of mom and dad through each set. She was such a happy and cooperative little girl. It's always fun to see what can be accomplished with our little friends. Thanks for helping bring in Spring!

Mom and Dad, we hope you love the images from this session!  Working with your family was such a treat. :)

Interested in booking a session?  Give us a call or visit our online scheduling tool. :)

March 26, 2017 08:51 PM Blog

We've been lucky enough to follow this cutie since he was just a brand new little dude.  :)  Today, Mom and Dad brought him into the studio to commemorate his first year.  (Holy cow, how did that happen so fast???)  For todays session, Mom and Dad opted to go with our 30 minute mini session and it was just the right amount of time for Lincoln.  We got in two sets and two outfits, along with a family photo, before Lincoln decided he was done being a model for the day.

Mom and Dad, we hope you love the images from todays session as much as we do!  Thanks so much for trusting us to capture these moments for your family!

Happy First Birthday, Lincoln!

Interested in booking a session?  Give us a call or visit our online scheduling tool. :)

March 20, 2017 08:51 PM Blog

It's just about High School Senior photo time, and with that, it is also time for our annual High School Senior model search!  Being a High School Senior Model Team member is lots of fun and full of little perks!!

This time around, Ang and I, will be selecting at least one girl and one guy from some of our local high schools to be part of our model program.  We love doing senior sessions and have always had such a great time with our model crew. :)

So whats the scoop on the Model Program?

If you are currently a junior graduating with your class in 2018, we'd love for you to apply!!  Those chosen can earn a heavily discounted senior portrait photography session, free product, prizes, and cash, (yeah, you read that right)! Your job as a Capture a Moment Model is to let us do your senior portraits and then tell your friends about what a great time you had and how awesome your photos came out (word of mouth, social media, etc.). No, you don'need to have supermodel looks either ~ we are looking for fun, enthusiastic high school seniors, who are involved in school, activities, and have outgoing personalities. We also want to make sure that a variety of high schools are represented, so share with your friends at other local High Schools.  Spread the word, friends!  Spread the word!

How do I enter?

Getting your application is super easy.  We have created a handy little form right online.  You can find a link at the bottom of this post.  Fill it in, click submit and you are on your way!  From there, we, along with a few photographer friends from around the country, will evaluate your application. The application deadline is May 31st, 2017, and the team will be announced the following week.

What are the perks of being a Senior Model?

As a Capture a Moment Senior Model, you'll be given a complimentary mini photo shoot this spring, prom photos (if possible, not guaranteed), a highly discounted formal senior portrait session, a complimentary print package, discounts on product, web sized photos to share on social media sites, and cash for referrals.  For each referral that you send us that returns your model referral card, you will receive a $25 Visa gift card.  In addition, the model who brings us the most referrals between June 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018 will have their prom tickets (for two) paid for by Capture a Moment.

Is there anything more I need to know?

A few minor details…..

  • You must have your formal senior portrait session scheduled before September 30, 2017 to be eligible for a discounted session fee.
  • We get creative ideas throughout the season, so you might be called to model for new and unique ideas at short notice.
  • You will be charged $199 for your formal portrait session (normally $225 or higher) and this will include one 8×10 print, two 5×7 prints, and 16 wallets.
  • You will be directly representing Capture a Moment Photography. Any additional senior portraits done elsewhere will be cause for immediate removal from the team and you will be charged for the balance of the full session fee.
  • To earn a Visa gift card for a referral, the senior that you refer must have paid their session fee and completed their portrait session.  They must also return your model referral card by the time of their session.  No exceptions are made on this one, friends.
  • Models must sign the Capture a Moment Photography model contract before becoming a member of the team. If the model is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must also sign.

That pretty much covers it, so head on over and fill out the application and let the fun begin!


October 16, 2016 02:54 PM Blog

Congratulations NatalieL’Anse Creuse High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time on your High School Senior Photography Shoot and we hope you did as well!  Natalie is currently involved in dancing which she started when she was 4!  She dances 3 days a week and in the summer she enjoys going boating and she LOVES her cat Zeus! As a self described laid back and quiet person, Natalie has some great goals for her future as she plans to attend college at Macomb Community College for her Associates degree and then Wayne State University for her Bachelor’s of Pharmaceutical Science. I can honestly say that is the first time we have had a Senior with Pharmaceutical Science as a degree. Very cool and it is always wonderful to hear everyone’s plans for the future and the path they plan to get there!

Natalie decided to have her shoot at the beautiful George George Park with a look that was “nothing too over the top but also not too casual.” Which is perfect for George George Park!   “The weather was very hot but I had a lot of fun shooting at the park!”  We sure did have a LOT of hot shoots this summer!  But everyone, including Natalie, handled it with grace.  Natalie enjoyed working with us because she thought it was fun that we asked for her input in how she would like to pose and where while at the park location.  Natalie brought with her 4 outfits and felt that was just the right amount.  Her accessory goal was to “wear simply but noticeably with pretty bracelets and a necklace.”  Shoes were also a big deal!  She brought with her 3 pairs and her pointe shoes!  If you are a shoe person, the shoes can make or break your vision!  Natalie had it just right.  Because of Natalie’s interest in dance, her “prop” for the shoot was her pointe shoes because she “thought it would be a cool look, especially on the bridge at George George Park.” Again, George George Park never fails us!

Natalie is a beautiful girl, inside and out and it showed through her smiles and great attitude throughout the entire shoot.  She does caution other Seniors to try their outfits on a couple of days before the shoot just in case you don’t like something or something doesn’t work out. Natalie also suggests to other Seniors to “allow A LOT of time to do hair and makeup beforehand.” It is especially important on hot days because the weather can affect makeup and hair quickly. Her other piece of advice is “Don’t be nervous.  I wasn’t.” And it shows.  A calm, relaxed shoot will show in your pictures. Don’t be afraid, we won’t bite, I promise! Her biggest worry was with her hair.  The heat and humidity can be a challenge and she wore it curlier than normal for her pictures.  Near the end it did straighten a little bit due to the humidity.  Either way, she looked beautiful and the shoot went perfectly!

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

September 28, 2016 03:08 PM Blog
Sweet Connor came for a visit recently at our New Baltimore Photography Studio for his Family Photography shoot for his First Birthday!  We have been working with this beautiful family for about 4 years, since her daughter was about 2 years old and we have watched this beautiful family change and grow.  We are so honored and blessed to be granted the chance to enjoy even more time with each of them.

Connor came to us to celebrate his first birthday.  Sweet Connor loves to laugh and he loves to mimic his big sister Aili!  He is definitely a mover and a shaker!  Mom has previously done outdoor shoots with us, including our Reindeer shoot last year when Connor was a brand new baby.  A moment we will all cherish! For Connor’s First Birthday shoot, Mom went with a Nautical theme for his outfit from her favorite store, Janie & Jack. (One of my favorite places too!) Mom’s advice for other parents planning for their Family Photography shoot would be to pick “clothes that have color that will make the pictures pop and are comfortable to wear. Having an extra sweater or shirt can easily change the look of an outfit.” Which is funny, we did just that!  Mom had an extra sweater and Connor was cooperating and willing to let Mom change his sweater, so we were able to mix things up a bit and it turned out great! Along with the Nautical theme, we utilized our very cool set of old Camera’s for one set and we wrapped up the session with a ride in our little red hot rod.

As far as props, Mom decided to bring the baby and left the rest up to us. Mom felt that “Jen & Angie have so many great props, that its not necessary unless you have something special in mind.” And yes, we have tons of props, backdrops, blankets, toys, etc to work with!  We always encourage you to bring with you something that is special to you or check with us to see if we have what you are looking for.  Chances are, we already have something to go with your vision. Since we have worked together before, Mom was quite comfortable with our judgment and said she trusts our taste and has “been always impressed with all the photos they’ve taken over the years.” As I have mentioned before, there is just a bit of magic that happens when you bring with you the vision you have in mind and let us run with it.  That has always worked with this beautiful family!

For Connor’s First Birthday session, Mom decided to go with a mini-session in studio.  Since One Year Olds don’t typically enjoy long sessions and the session was about him only, the 30 minute session worked perfectly.  It was just enough time to get the shots we needed/wanted and just enough time for Connor without forcing him to smile any longer than necessary.  Mom described her overall experience as “quick, wonderful and always leaves me thinking of the next shoot- kids change so fast!” So true!  Kid’s change so quickly. Don’t put off your session today because your little one might not cooperate as well as you think they should.  We always manage to make it work and get some smiles while we are at it! 

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the ease of your own home.  Either way, make that appointment!  It is so very important to Capture these Moments together as a family!  We are honored to have been a part of capturing treasured moments that will live on for a lifetime with this family.

September 26, 2016 05:21 PM Blog

Congratulations Sara from L’Anse Creuse High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time doing something a little different with you for your shoot.  Sara chose the “performing arts center specifically for the piano since it was the first instrument I learned to play at 4, and I still play it today.  George George Park was so I could have outdoor photos in a nice area where we didn’t have to stomp through mud to get anywhere or get eaten alive by bugs and both locations worked out perfectly.” It was pretty awesome getting a chance to shoot at JPAC for artsy pictures with the piano and then head to George George  Memorial Park for some outdoor pictures and pictures with her oboe to round out the shoot to match Sara’s interests and personalities for her High School Senior Photography Session.

Sara has been in the marching band for all four years of High School and “that’s really it because band and AP classes take up a lot of time.” Sara plans on going to Eastern Michigan University to study Music Therapy and Music Composition and her plan is at some point she will be writing film scores for big movies. Sara told us “everyone I’ve almost ever talked to calls me a “force of nature”.” With all of her talent and interests and her beautiful personality, I can see her as a force of nature. Look out world, this girl is going to go places!

Sara doesn’t feel she is a very social person (I would respectfully disagree (: ) and she has a very natural and artistic vibe about her. So her goal for her shoot was to make it look like it was a natural shoot.  “I didn’t want a whole bunch of makeup on and my hair done up differently because it isn’t what I normally look like – I wanted my shoot to actually portray what I am like.” To help with her “natural” theme, Sara brought three outfits and she felt that was the perfect amount, “not too many to fumble with but not just one either.” She also brought with her jewelry that meant something to her.  She always wears a “lots and lots of rings and a few of my favorite necklaces just to tie everything together.” All of her choices worked beautifully together and I think we were easily able to meet her goal of keeping her session true to Sara.  She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit and she knows what she likes and how she wanted it to turn out.  We were honored to be given the privilege of helping make that happen.

Being that Sara feels she isn’t a very social person, she thought everything would have been super awkward but she said that it ended up being “a really fun time.” Sara felt “the session was really fun, both Jen and Angela are very professional but also make you feel comfortable being around them.” I have to say that Sara was very open minded and willing to trust our judgment which always works to everyone’s advantage. Her advice for other Seniors is to “just relax and not worry about what everything will look like.  Trust that the professional photographers know what they are doing.”  She also suggested seniors should “just do everything like you regularly do (maybe with a little more effort since they are professional photos) but try and make is seem like the shoot just sort of happened.” It is definitely a delicate balance as the goal is to be as natural as possible.  The best way to accomplish that goal is to be open minded, share your vision and trust your photographers.  Let us pull all of that together and let us make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

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