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April 16, 2017 11:52 AM Blog

Special Fairy Art Portrait Event!

Something very magical and very beautiful is coming to Capture a Moment Photography... our Fairy Art Portraiture event!

We want to tell you more about this fantastic event in more detail, provide you with price information and explain things like how it works, and best ways to prepare hair and clothing.  We also want to tell you about all the little touches we add to make the session a very memorable experience for your children, and describe to you the products we have available for purchase after the session.

Please provide your contact information below and a member of our staff will be in touch with more details about this exciting event.


April 13, 2017 08:05 AM Blog

Welcome to world Paisley! We have been working with this beautiful family for quite some time. We were so excited when we found out the family was expanding. It was a bit tricky getting both kiddos in one picture but you can already tell that they will be best buds. Paisley is a beautiful little model and we are looking forward to watching them both blossom. Thank you for trusting us with your precious and perfect family.

April 11, 2017 01:06 PM Blog

We had a great time with little Miss Vivian. She gave us plenty of smiles with the help of mom and dad through each set. She was such a happy and cooperative little girl. It's always fun to see what can be accomplished with our little friends. Thanks for helping bring in Spring!

Mom and Dad, we hope you love the images from this session!  Working with your family was such a treat. :)

Interested in booking a session?  Give us a call or visit our online scheduling tool. :)

March 26, 2017 08:51 PM Blog

We've been lucky enough to follow this cutie since he was just a brand new little dude.  :)  Today, Mom and Dad brought him into the studio to commemorate his first year.  (Holy cow, how did that happen so fast???)  For todays session, Mom and Dad opted to go with our 30 minute mini session and it was just the right amount of time for Lincoln.  We got in two sets and two outfits, along with a family photo, before Lincoln decided he was done being a model for the day.

Mom and Dad, we hope you love the images from todays session as much as we do!  Thanks so much for trusting us to capture these moments for your family!

Happy First Birthday, Lincoln!

Interested in booking a session?  Give us a call or visit our online scheduling tool. :)

March 20, 2017 08:51 PM Blog

It's just about High School Senior photo time, and with that, it is also time for our annual High School Senior model search!  Being a High School Senior Model Team member is lots of fun and full of little perks!!

This time around, Ang and I, will be selecting at least one girl and one guy from some of our local high schools to be part of our model program.  We love doing senior sessions and have always had such a great time with our model crew. :)

So whats the scoop on the Model Program?

If you are currently a junior graduating with your class in 2018, we'd love for you to apply!!  Those chosen can earn a heavily discounted senior portrait photography session, free product, prizes, and cash, (yeah, you read that right)! Your job as a Capture a Moment Model is to let us do your senior portraits and then tell your friends about what a great time you had and how awesome your photos came out (word of mouth, social media, etc.). No, you don'need to have supermodel looks either ~ we are looking for fun, enthusiastic high school seniors, who are involved in school, activities, and have outgoing personalities. We also want to make sure that a variety of high schools are represented, so share with your friends at other local High Schools.  Spread the word, friends!  Spread the word!

How do I enter?

Getting your application is super easy.  We have created a handy little form right online.  You can find a link at the bottom of this post.  Fill it in, click submit and you are on your way!  From there, we, along with a few photographer friends from around the country, will evaluate your application. The application deadline is May 31st, 2017, and the team will be announced the following week.

What are the perks of being a Senior Model?

As a Capture a Moment Senior Model, you'll be given a complimentary mini photo shoot this spring, prom photos (if possible, not guaranteed), a highly discounted formal senior portrait session, a complimentary print package, discounts on product, web sized photos to share on social media sites, and cash for referrals.  For each referral that you send us that returns your model referral card, you will receive a $25 Visa gift card.  In addition, the model who brings us the most referrals between June 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018 will have their prom tickets (for two) paid for by Capture a Moment.

Is there anything more I need to know?

A few minor details…..

  • You must have your formal senior portrait session scheduled before September 30, 2017 to be eligible for a discounted session fee.
  • We get creative ideas throughout the season, so you might be called to model for new and unique ideas at short notice.
  • You will be charged $199 for your formal portrait session (normally $225 or higher) and this will include one 8×10 print, two 5×7 prints, and 16 wallets.
  • You will be directly representing Capture a Moment Photography. Any additional senior portraits done elsewhere will be cause for immediate removal from the team and you will be charged for the balance of the full session fee.
  • To earn a Visa gift card for a referral, the senior that you refer must have paid their session fee and completed their portrait session.  They must also return your model referral card by the time of their session.  No exceptions are made on this one, friends.
  • Models must sign the Capture a Moment Photography model contract before becoming a member of the team. If the model is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must also sign.

That pretty much covers it, so head on over and fill out the application and let the fun begin!


October 16, 2016 02:54 PM Blog

Congratulations NatalieL’Anse Creuse High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time on your High School Senior Photography Shoot and we hope you did as well!  Natalie is currently involved in dancing which she started when she was 4!  She dances 3 days a week and in the summer she enjoys going boating and she LOVES her cat Zeus! As a self described laid back and quiet person, Natalie has some great goals for her future as she plans to attend college at Macomb Community College for her Associates degree and then Wayne State University for her Bachelor’s of Pharmaceutical Science. I can honestly say that is the first time we have had a Senior with Pharmaceutical Science as a degree. Very cool and it is always wonderful to hear everyone’s plans for the future and the path they plan to get there!

Natalie decided to have her shoot at the beautiful George George Park with a look that was “nothing too over the top but also not too casual.” Which is perfect for George George Park!   “The weather was very hot but I had a lot of fun shooting at the park!”  We sure did have a LOT of hot shoots this summer!  But everyone, including Natalie, handled it with grace.  Natalie enjoyed working with us because she thought it was fun that we asked for her input in how she would like to pose and where while at the park location.  Natalie brought with her 4 outfits and felt that was just the right amount.  Her accessory goal was to “wear simply but noticeably with pretty bracelets and a necklace.”  Shoes were also a big deal!  She brought with her 3 pairs and her pointe shoes!  If you are a shoe person, the shoes can make or break your vision!  Natalie had it just right.  Because of Natalie’s interest in dance, her “prop” for the shoot was her pointe shoes because she “thought it would be a cool look, especially on the bridge at George George Park.” Again, George George Park never fails us!

Natalie is a beautiful girl, inside and out and it showed through her smiles and great attitude throughout the entire shoot.  She does caution other Seniors to try their outfits on a couple of days before the shoot just in case you don’t like something or something doesn’t work out. Natalie also suggests to other Seniors to “allow A LOT of time to do hair and makeup beforehand.” It is especially important on hot days because the weather can affect makeup and hair quickly. Her other piece of advice is “Don’t be nervous.  I wasn’t.” And it shows.  A calm, relaxed shoot will show in your pictures. Don’t be afraid, we won’t bite, I promise! Her biggest worry was with her hair.  The heat and humidity can be a challenge and she wore it curlier than normal for her pictures.  Near the end it did straighten a little bit due to the humidity.  Either way, she looked beautiful and the shoot went perfectly!

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

September 28, 2016 03:08 PM Blog
Sweet Connor came for a visit recently at our New Baltimore Photography Studio for his Family Photography shoot for his First Birthday!  We have been working with this beautiful family for about 4 years, since her daughter was about 2 years old and we have watched this beautiful family change and grow.  We are so honored and blessed to be granted the chance to enjoy even more time with each of them.

Connor came to us to celebrate his first birthday.  Sweet Connor loves to laugh and he loves to mimic his big sister Aili!  He is definitely a mover and a shaker!  Mom has previously done outdoor shoots with us, including our Reindeer shoot last year when Connor was a brand new baby.  A moment we will all cherish! For Connor’s First Birthday shoot, Mom went with a Nautical theme for his outfit from her favorite store, Janie & Jack. (One of my favorite places too!) Mom’s advice for other parents planning for their Family Photography shoot would be to pick “clothes that have color that will make the pictures pop and are comfortable to wear. Having an extra sweater or shirt can easily change the look of an outfit.” Which is funny, we did just that!  Mom had an extra sweater and Connor was cooperating and willing to let Mom change his sweater, so we were able to mix things up a bit and it turned out great! Along with the Nautical theme, we utilized our very cool set of old Camera’s for one set and we wrapped up the session with a ride in our little red hot rod.

As far as props, Mom decided to bring the baby and left the rest up to us. Mom felt that “Jen & Angie have so many great props, that its not necessary unless you have something special in mind.” And yes, we have tons of props, backdrops, blankets, toys, etc to work with!  We always encourage you to bring with you something that is special to you or check with us to see if we have what you are looking for.  Chances are, we already have something to go with your vision. Since we have worked together before, Mom was quite comfortable with our judgment and said she trusts our taste and has “been always impressed with all the photos they’ve taken over the years.” As I have mentioned before, there is just a bit of magic that happens when you bring with you the vision you have in mind and let us run with it.  That has always worked with this beautiful family!

For Connor’s First Birthday session, Mom decided to go with a mini-session in studio.  Since One Year Olds don’t typically enjoy long sessions and the session was about him only, the 30 minute session worked perfectly.  It was just enough time to get the shots we needed/wanted and just enough time for Connor without forcing him to smile any longer than necessary.  Mom described her overall experience as “quick, wonderful and always leaves me thinking of the next shoot- kids change so fast!” So true!  Kid’s change so quickly. Don’t put off your session today because your little one might not cooperate as well as you think they should.  We always manage to make it work and get some smiles while we are at it! 

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the ease of your own home.  Either way, make that appointment!  It is so very important to Capture these Moments together as a family!  We are honored to have been a part of capturing treasured moments that will live on for a lifetime with this family.

September 26, 2016 05:21 PM Blog

Congratulations Sara from L’Anse Creuse High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time doing something a little different with you for your shoot.  Sara chose the “performing arts center specifically for the piano since it was the first instrument I learned to play at 4, and I still play it today.  George George Park was so I could have outdoor photos in a nice area where we didn’t have to stomp through mud to get anywhere or get eaten alive by bugs and both locations worked out perfectly.” It was pretty awesome getting a chance to shoot at JPAC for artsy pictures with the piano and then head to George George  Memorial Park for some outdoor pictures and pictures with her oboe to round out the shoot to match Sara’s interests and personalities for her High School Senior Photography Session.

Sara has been in the marching band for all four years of High School and “that’s really it because band and AP classes take up a lot of time.” Sara plans on going to Eastern Michigan University to study Music Therapy and Music Composition and her plan is at some point she will be writing film scores for big movies. Sara told us “everyone I’ve almost ever talked to calls me a “force of nature”.” With all of her talent and interests and her beautiful personality, I can see her as a force of nature. Look out world, this girl is going to go places!

Sara doesn’t feel she is a very social person (I would respectfully disagree (: ) and she has a very natural and artistic vibe about her. So her goal for her shoot was to make it look like it was a natural shoot.  “I didn’t want a whole bunch of makeup on and my hair done up differently because it isn’t what I normally look like – I wanted my shoot to actually portray what I am like.” To help with her “natural” theme, Sara brought three outfits and she felt that was the perfect amount, “not too many to fumble with but not just one either.” She also brought with her jewelry that meant something to her.  She always wears a “lots and lots of rings and a few of my favorite necklaces just to tie everything together.” All of her choices worked beautifully together and I think we were easily able to meet her goal of keeping her session true to Sara.  She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit and she knows what she likes and how she wanted it to turn out.  We were honored to be given the privilege of helping make that happen.

Being that Sara feels she isn’t a very social person, she thought everything would have been super awkward but she said that it ended up being “a really fun time.” Sara felt “the session was really fun, both Jen and Angela are very professional but also make you feel comfortable being around them.” I have to say that Sara was very open minded and willing to trust our judgment which always works to everyone’s advantage. Her advice for other Seniors is to “just relax and not worry about what everything will look like.  Trust that the professional photographers know what they are doing.”  She also suggested seniors should “just do everything like you regularly do (maybe with a little more effort since they are professional photos) but try and make is seem like the shoot just sort of happened.” It is definitely a delicate balance as the goal is to be as natural as possible.  The best way to accomplish that goal is to be open minded, share your vision and trust your photographers.  Let us pull all of that together and let us make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

September 23, 2016 05:33 PM Blog

Congratulations Morgan from Chippewa Valley High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had so much fun with you during your High School Senior Photography session!  The rain was a bit of a stinker, but you rocked it!  Morgan enjoys playing soccer, loves music and her dog! Morgan chose to go to Mount Clemens and George George park. “I loved these locations and I think that they provided nice scenery for the photos.” The City of Mount Clemens and George George Park have been a very popular combination this year.  It is a great combination of urban and earthy and it seems to match many of the personalities of our High School Seniors this year.  As a self described “motivated, energetic and passionate” person, I see Morgan doing well with her future plans of hopefully attending either Saginaw Valley State University or Central Michigan University. It is great being a High School Senior, the world is still before you!  You will rock this world Morgan!

Morgan was going for a look that was as natural as possible for her photo shoot. She brought 3 outfits with her and she felt that was the perfect amount.  She accessorized her outfits simply and the only jewelry she wore was a simple pair of earrings.  Her approach was a simple look and this all worked together perfectly to meet that goal. As far as hair and makeup, Morgan tried to not go too overboard.  She went to Tangles Hair and Nail Salon and she was very happy with the result, she felt “they did a great job on my hair.” Her goal was to let her natural beauty shine through and she succeeded.  Morgan is a beautiful girl, both inside and out, we had a nice time with Morgan and her mom. Morgan’s advice for future Seniors is “to have everything that you need to bring set out the night before so you are not scrambling the next day when you are getting ready.”  If I remember correctly, there was a piece of wardrobe left behind and dad had to come to the rescue! The most important prop for Morgan was her dog because “she has been a huge part of my life.” And the pup was part of her shoot.  Dogs don’t always cooperate, there is so much going on and the dog tends to get a bit overwhelmed.  It is, however, nice to be able to include such an important part of someone’s life.

Morgan told us that her “biggest worry was that I was going to feel and look totally uncomfortable. The photographers put my worries at ease after I experienced how friendly they were and how fun the whole process is.” It is always fun to hear how each client felt prior to the shoot.  It is very normal to feel nervous and uncomfortable at first.  Morgan seemed to have such an ease about her, I would have never guessed that she was so worried!  We are glad that we were able to ease her fears and her overall experience turned out to be “very fun! I felt like a model and I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out.” Morgan’s ease helped her to play the model part and her pictures turned out beautifully! Morgan wants other Seniors “to try not to stress over little things because the photographers know what they are doing, try to have fun!” Great advice Morgan and we hope other Seniors take a chance to read and learn all these fun tips for our future High School Senior Photography Sessions!

We had a great time with you Morgan and we wish you all the best this year and in your future!

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

September 21, 2016 05:36 PM Blog
Happy First Birthday Jace! We had so much fun with Jace at our New Baltimore Photography Studio for his Family Photography shoot for his First Birthday!  Mom was going for a simple look and theme that tied into his birthday theme.  She “wanted fishing, and the name was the big ONE.” Mom was able to use the same shirt at his shoot that he wore for his birthday party.  Since she wanted the photo shoot and birthday party theme to be this same, this worked out perfectly! All of the decorations and his shirt were ordered from Etsy. If you have never shopped Etsy for unique party pieces, you must give it a whirl. In fact, mom suggests to other parents to check out Pinterest and Etsy for your little one’s birthday party. “I got all my ideas from there, and it turned out just how I wanted.” Nice job Mom!  Jace is adorable and the theme worked out perfectly for his photo shoot and I am guessing his birthday as well!

This was the first time we had the chance to work with Jace, his Mom and Dad.  We were honored that they chose to come visit us for such a special occasion.  Having been the first time working together, we are always happy to report that mom felt her overall experience at Capture A Moment Photography was “Fantastic! We had a great experience.  We will be using you guys again!” We are always super excited to hear such great feedback!  In preparing for the shoot and as a tip to other parents, Mom said “I would not bring too much, you do not want to overwhelm them or your photos. Know your child, mine doesn’t like a lot of outfit changes, so I kept it simple to keep him happy.” We could not agree more with Mom’s assessment.  We are always quick to caution parents on the number of outfit changes with young ones.  They typically don’t enjoy being changed more than once, if that.  And we would rather you have a couple of set ups with the same outfit rather than a couple of outfits but an angry or upset child.  It is often best to go with one outfit that can be paired with a couple of set ups and if your little one tolerates a change, awesome. If not, you will still have plenty of images to choose from.

Thank you again for choosing Capture A Moment Photography for Jace’s First Birthday pictures!  We look forward to working with your family for years to come!

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the ease of your own home.  Either way, make that appointment!  It is so very important to Capture these Moments together as a family!  We are honored to have been a part of capturing treasured moments that will live on for a lifetime with this family.

September 15, 2016 05:40 PM Blog

Congratulations Meghan from Merritt AcademyClass of 2017! This past weekend we had a session with Meghan at George George Park. I believe Meghan is our first Merritt Academy High School Senior. Yay! Meghan is involved in her school newspaper and is a member of the National Honor Society. Activities that Meghan enjoys are shopping and volleyball. We even had a volley ball with us for a few shots. After High School, Meghan plans to get into a good nursing program. Her “top picks for Colleges include, Oakland University, Michigan State and U of M.” An honorable profession Meghan, good luck in your pursuits!

Our session involved a trip to the beautiful George George Park.  Meghan chose this park because her friend had Prom pictures taken there and Meghan said, “It looked pretty. I really loved the location, it was perfect!” You really can never go wrong with George George Park.  There are so many different options at the park depending on the time of day, every shoot there ends up being a bit different. She also brought a total of 6 outfits but only ended up wearing 4 of the 6. “I feel that 6 outfits were good because it gave me some options to choose from and I would not change anything.” It is always great to have options and as long as you are ready and willing to change anywhere within the park, you can bring a fair number of outfits. Meghan’s one makeup tip is “for girls to use a setting spray so that your makeup will stay perfect for the shoot.” That is a great tip, especially when it is warm outside and/or you have multiple outfit changes.  You want to make sure the make-up stays put throughout the session.

We had a great time with Meghan and the feeling was mutual.  Meghan said “my overall senior photo session experience was great. I was a little nervous at first but everything went very smoothly and it was a beautiful day!” It was a beautiful day and as we enter further into the cooler months, the weather will hopefully only get better!  Meghan’s one piece of advice for all seniors is “just have fun and be yourself.” That is definitely a must!  We want your session to reflect you and the best way for that to happen is to just be yourself.

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

September 15, 2016 05:38 PM Blog

In late August we had a visit at our New Baltimore Photography Studio with Lucy for a Family Photography shoot for her 3 month photo session. Lucy was as sweet as ever, and it was a total pleasure working with Lucy.  Mom was going for a cute and innocent look for Lucy’s pictures.  As Mom shares, “Lucy is a very happy, sweet baby girl who is very camera shy but her innocence shows in her pictures.” You can’t get much sweeter or more innocent then a precious 3 month old baby girl.  Lucy is Mom and Dad’s first baby girl and Mom chose outfits for Lucy’s shoot that gave a cute, summer look.  And because Lucy is the first baby girl in the family, Mom thoroughly loves the fluff and bows. We LOVE fluff and bows too!

This was our first session with Lucy.  Mom came with the outfits and trusted Jen’s years of expertise.  It is always a magical connection when both parents and photographer can work together in harmony.  Being that it was Mom and Dad’s first experience with Capture A Moment, we of course wanted to know what they thought about the experience.  Mom told us, “I love this studio and the experience the photographer had and you could tell she loves what she does. We will be using them again for our family Christmas shoot.” Thank you so much!  We look forward to watching Baby Lucy continue to grow and we look forward to working with you again very soon!

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the ease of your own home.  Either way, make that appointment!  It is so very important to Capture these Moments together as a family!  We are honored to have been a part of capturing treasured moments that will live on for a lifetime with this family.

September 13, 2016 05:43 PM Blog

Congratulations BryceClass of 2017 from Utica Academy for International Studies.  We visited Belle Isle for Bryce’s High School Senior Photography pictures.  We weren’t sure how the shoot was going to end up since the weather was definitely looming.  I think the end result was beautiful.

We started the shoot at the famous James Scott Memorial Fountain and the rain was definitely threatening. However, cloud cover is actually a gift in an open space such as the fountain.  It allows us to take pictures anywhere around the fountain with out worrying about the sun and squinty eyes.  It also makes for a pretty cool looking sky in the pictures. As a result of the rain, once the sun came through, we enjoyed a beautiful rainbow and we even lucked out and were able to capture a few images with the rainbow in the background.

Bryce had multiple changes with her which worked out well with all the possibilities that Belle Isle has to offer. It is always a great idea to have both casual and dressy options to use.  It is also great to have outfits that can easily be changed in the car or even in the open if needed.  With every session, we strive to spend as much time as we can actually taking pictures.  So quick change outfits are a must.  Quick changes were pretty easy for Bryce and because of all the driving to each of the different spots on Belle Isle, Bryce was able to change in her vehicle, which makes life so much easier!

Bryce, we wish you well with all you are going to do in the next year and with your future!  Enjoy your senior year of high school!  It goes by quickly!

If you are a High School Senior and you are ready to have your pictures taken, please give us a call at 586-646-8189 ASAP to make your appointment before we book up for the season! You are also welcome to visit our online booking to set up your appointment today!

September 10, 2016 05:46 PM Blog

Up next on the blog is Spencer, a Senior at L’Anse Creuse High SchoolClass of 2017 and an Early College of Macomb student! We had a great time with Spencer at his High School Senior Photography shoot. He was a tad nervous but a great sport through it all.  Spencer definitely loves nature and he chose Lake St.Clair Metropark because he wanted “a nice looking sunset beach” theme. He shared with us that they didn’t get his photos done in Florida where they spend most of their vacations. “So, Metro Beach was the next best place.” Lake St. Clair Metropark, (or Metro Beach to all the locals), provides a variety of places to take pictures.  There is the water, of course, with a sandy beach.  There is also the Nature Center and a Marina on hand for some great variety but keeping with the nature themed shoot.  The wind was a bit of a challenge for Spencer as it blew his hair in all kinds of directions. But hey, it ended up helping him smile a bit more naturally and we all had a good laugh.  His would suggest that you “bring lots of hairspray and a comb” with you on your shoot just in case you have a wind issue to deal with as well.

Spencer is an active guy. Not only does he participate in LCHS Wrestling, track and LC Big League, he also volunteers when needed in the community. After graduation, Spencer plans on continuing with the ECM program. As a self described adventurous type, his interests are “high adventure exploration – Atlantic sailing in the Keys, hiking the Grand Canyon, Philmont, Arches National Park in Utah and canoeing in Canada.” His love for all things outdoors was pretty evident as we walked and talked during our session.  Lake St. Clair Metropark was the perfect setting and Spencer felt his shoot “was really fun” and he enjoyed “experiencing the different places within Metro Beach.” We agree, we had a great time walking and driving to the different locations within the park to get the best shots and some great variety.  If you have never been there, you must go.  There is something for everyone.

With this session, besides being a High School Senior, I believe the most important aspect was the location and that it matched the personality of the Senior, Spencer.  As you can see, that worked out well.  However, as with every session, planning is required.  Spencer brought with him 2 shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of blue jeans and matching shoes.  Spencer felt it “was just enough outfits” for him.  With guys, they usually keep it pretty simple.  It isn’t about the outfits so much as it is about the overall image.  The only thing Spencer wished he had brought with him was a comb and hairspray.  In his defense, the wind was pretty challenging that day!  His advice to other seniors, besides the comb and hairspray, is to make sure you plan ahead the types of pictures you would like, the theme and location.  He also advises other seniors to “decide on what you would like, but be flexible with the photographers, they know the best lighting and positions that look the best.” As the photographers, we definitely agree with this statement!  You have hired us for your session, we promise we will do everything in our power to create memories that will last a life time! There is nothing better than a session in which you have created your theme, your location and your outfits to match and we are allowed to take all of that and mix it with our years of experience to create something truly great!  It’s practically magical.

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

September 9, 2016 05:48 PM Blog

Congratulations Bailee from Dakota High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time with Bailee and her family in Mount Clemens. She came with a bunch of fun ideas to try and beautiful outfits. One of the fun parts of our High School Senior Photography shoots is the chance to get to know the student better.  Every student has a different story, a different plan for life and it is always a fun time together.  A little bit about Bailee… Bailee has been working at Claire’s for a little over a year now, and plans on starting a Spanish Club during her senior year with her friend.  She also loves to write and loves astronomy. Bailee describes herself as thoughtful, outgoing and enthusiastic and you could definitely feel her free spirit and her ambition to move to a big city to experience the world.  So very cool and we know you will LOVE the Big City Bailee!  We can’t wait to see all the places you will go!

Bailee definitely had a plan for her photo shoot.  She decided that she was going for an urban look for her shoot and chose Downtown Mt. Clemens to accomplish that look.  “I loved taking pictures in downtown Mt. Clemens.  My dream is to live in a city like Chicago or New York and I wanted my senior pictures to represent that.  I loved the location.  It was close to home and there were so many locations that were prefect for my city-setting.” Part of her plan, of course, involved her outfit choices. She brought three different outfits, and she thought that was ample enough.  She felt that more than three outfits, and “you’re pushing it.  If anything I would have chosen outfits that were easier to get on and off.” She also didn’t really accessorize very much.  She wore some earrings and felt it was enough.  Bailee thought that “too much jewelry will take away from the main focus, which is you!” Along that same line, Bailee recommends going natural and light with makeup, and having a casual hairstyle.  For Bailee’s shoot, she had her hair done at Blo Salon, and her makeup done at Ulta, “which are both wonderful places!” Her final personal touch for her shoot was using two rustic-looking suitcases and a globe.  She decided to bring them because “they represent my desire to travel the world when I get older.” And that was definitely the theme throughout the entire shoot and it worked out perfectly.

Bailee has some advice for other student’s preparing to get their senior pictures taken.  She suggests having your “outfits and props planned and ready to go a few days before the shoot just so you have time to add anything last minute.  I would have have some poses in mind beforehand, but if not, Jen and Angela will have some awesome ideas.” Everyone that comes to us is different.  Some are ready with poses and positioning and others need more assistance and everywhere in between.  If you are afraid to have your shoot because you aren’t comfortable posing for a picture, no worries, we have you covered.  Bailee would also like to “advise the other seniors to be themselves and have fun!  You only take senior pictures once!” We agree!  This is a one time gig, have fun with it and be yourself!

As I have said before, we love getting feedback.  It helps us to grow and change and improve our services and abilities for all of those we work with.  So, I must admit, it is definitely a wonderful feeling when you get to hear some pretty great feedback. Bailee said “I loved my photoshoot!  Jen and Angela were nothing but accommodating!  They were fun and enthusiastic.  They were very willing to run with some of the poses I had in mind.  And I was amazed at their eye for detail. I was afraid I wouldn’t fee comfortable during the photo shoot and there wouldn’t be enough time for three outfit changes and still get all of the poses I wanted.  But thankfully most locations we were able to get to on foot and Jen and Angela made me feel very comfortable!” Thank you Bailee!  You were a pleasure to work with and your inspiration for all things travel made it a breeze to Capture wonderful Moments for you and your family to cherish forever!

Bailee plans to go to Peru with Dakota’s Spanish classes after graduation, then a little bit of summer vacation and off to college to start her life after High School.  Congratulations Bailee!  Enjoy your senior year and all that you have ahead of you!

If you are a graduating senior this year, it is time to book your appointment!  Call us today at 586-646-8189 to grab your spot in our schedule.  Or, as always, you are welcome to visit our online booking tool to schedule your shoot.  Now is the time, don’t delay!

September 5, 2016 05:51 PM Blog

Firstly… introductions!! My name is Denise and I have been helping out around here at Capture a Moment for the last few months. Some of you may have stopped in while I am here to pick something up or I help with making appointments over the phone and so on. I love the atmosphere at Capture a Moment and I am thankful that Jen & Ang let me hang around.

My daughter, Brianna, is a Senior this year at L’Anse Creuse High School and also one of the Capture a Moment Senior Models.  I fully admit, that while I work here, I don’t know much about the actual photography process!  I do not have the artistic gift that these ladies possess and I cannot see how things will look like they can.  So, we scheduled a consultation where Jen and Ang told us about what type of clothes we should come prepared with, gave us some hair and make up tips, and just a few little things that I would never have thought of. During our consultation, they suggested Belle Isle and the surrounding area for her session and we went ahead and made the appointment.

Brianna got more than the amount of outfits she needed, and we narrowed it down to 4. The day we were doing the photo’s it was 95 degrees and pretty humid; thank you Michigan!  We skipped the black jeans option and stuck with jean shorts to help counter the heat a bit. Brianna was totally nervous, and I admit, I was not much better. I was worried for Brianna, she is very self conscious and doesn’t like getting her pictures taken. I have three children and my second daughter will love the limelight when it is her turn, but Brianna is not that way. Brianna’s boyfriend came along to help make her feel comfortable and he was great. He knew his role and he was happy to help.

We met up with them and we did a couple stops on our way to Belle Isle. We stopped by this painted wall downtown that I drive past everyday to work in my “normal” job. I never would have thought of that wall as a back drop for pictures, especially for Brianna. Right across the street was an old dilapidated building and Ang pointed out the amazing arch and stairway that would make for a great picture. Again, something I pass every day and see as blight and they saw beauty. We took pictures at those spots and went on to some others. Jen was laying on the ground, in gravel to get shots; it was amazing to watch.

When Brianna changed clothes she would get stiff again having to take more pictures, not feeling comfortable in her own skin. Her boyfriend would start dancing and making faces at her that were not necessarily his normal nature and we would all smile.

We ended with pictures at the beautiful fountain at Belle Isle and the sun was setting fast. They had a special light that looked to me like a light saber. It was amazing the way it would change the way the photo looked. Ang held the light like the Statue of Liberty while Jen got the shots she wanted.

When the sun had gone down, we were finally ready to leave. I was exhausted, and they had all worked so hard because they wanted my daughter to have beautiful pictures and a fabulous experience.  Not because she is my daughter, but because they take pride in what they do, and they want the best for each client. I was this tired and all I did was follow around and watch! They put everything they have into their job.

In all honestly, I will never look at booking another appointment the same as I did before this experience. When you look at the pictures that are on our website and Facebook, I now know that they did everything they could to get the shot that they knew was possible. I knew I was working with talented ladies but their talent is a gift and they want to share it with us.

September 5, 2016 05:49 PM Blog

Recently we had a wonderful High School Senior Photography shoot with Brianna, Class of 2017 from L’Anse Creuse High School! Brianna is a Drum Major for LCHS marching band, a Girl Scout of 12 years, Student director of the drama club, in the Pankow Performing Arts program, involved in student council, national honor society, and link crew. She is definitely quite the busy lady!

For Brianna’s shoot we decided to take a different approach with our City of Detroit session. The look Brianna was going for was a simple, yet intricate look. And I believe we accomplished that easily with the different locations, architecture and clothing options and of course our beautiful Brianna. After a fun planning consultation with Brianna and her mom and dad, “we chose Belle Isle, and it was beautiful! I think it gave off the look I wanted.” Jen and I could not agree more!

Brianna is a part of our High School Senior Model program this year. The program was designed to not only help spread the word to other graduating seniors about our services but also to help us learn and grow from our experiences and feedback from each model. Brianna doesn’t exactly enjoy having her pictures taken even though she was a total trooper throughout. So I am glad that she felt that “the overall session experience was good.” And that she was “glad to have done it.” Her one piece of advice that she has for other seniors getting ready to have their session is “DON’T STRESS OUT and just be yourself.” Great words of advice my dear! We often spend the first part of the session getting our seniors to just relax. And by the end, they are having fun, smiling, cracking jokes  and enjoying this special occasion.

As with all sessions, planning is crucial. We gladly offer a planning consultation to anyone interested. It’s a great time to discuss locations, what to expect at various locations and discuss outfits, accessories and make-up, when that applies, of course. Brianna brought 4 outfits. She suggests to other seniors to “have all outfits planned way in advance. Plan with the weather, and have options (more casual, and more dressy options).” Brianna had one heck of a hot and humid session. This summer was brutal for senior session. And even though we were by the water and it was the latest evening appointment possible, it was hot. The weather will often decide your outfit selection and that was the case for Brianna. For her session, she decided not to accessorize her outfits with anything outside her normal day to day jewelry.  She also did her own make-up for the session which is a great way to keep her look true to herself. There are arguments on both sides for wearing more make-up verses not wearing make-up and everything in between. At the end of the day, it is your session and we want you to be happy and comfortable. We will never force anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing! Be you bravely!

Brianna was definitely a bit nervous about her session with us even though she is rather familiar and comfortable with us, often calling Jen “Mom Dera”. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out but she had some hesitations and her biggest fear about the session was her insecurities with having her picture taken which she said “really got to me. I worried about it quite a bit, but the outcome really put my mind at ease. Once I was in the middle of it, all the insecurities slowly faded away.” And you could see those insecurities fade as the session progressed. Unfortunately, that is something we see ALL the time, in ALL of the different types of sessions we shoot. Society puts pressure on us. We question ourselves and our appearances. It can be hard to push past that feeling and it happens all the time. It’s one of the things that Jen and I pride ourselves on helping our beautiful clients push past that and we want you to reach the point that we are Capturing the real you, the beautiful you. We hope that we are able to help you through those insecurities and it shows in the outcome of our work. Brianna, you are beautiful on so many levels, don’t ever think you are not!

As a self described “quirky, funny and kind” person, Brianna was a blast to work with even in the hottest and sweatiest of conditions. We laughed, we explored, we even met a wonderful man that runs The Smile Brand and The Baltimore Gallery in Detroit. He was happy to have us and we enjoyed learning more about what they hope to do for the youth in the City of Detroit.

Brianna plans “to attend college for theatre and music” after she graduates. She has no specific plans yet but we know she will do great things. Her experiences as a leader, her educational successes and her participation in the have definitely helped give her a solid basis to start her next journey in life. Enjoy your senior year Brianna! Congratulations!

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

August 21, 2016 02:12 PM Blog

Happy Birthday Caleb!  As many know, one of our specialties is family photography.  We have been photographing sweet Caleb and his family for many years now.  As mom reflects back on all of our sessions together and said “I have had studio sessions, on-site at my parents’ home a couple of times, George George Park…I allow input from the photographers on locale- we love being outside- even took pics in the rain once!”  I remember the rain pictures, they actually turned out really beautiful!  And Caleb was way happier on the porch in the rain!

Mom loves her sweet Caleb and enjoys that he is “very smart – loves fun facts and being outdoors.”  He had a lot of fun at our most recent shoot. We were at Lake St. Clair Metropark.  We were a little concerned about the weather as it had been threatening to rain but it ended up being a gorgeous night.  And Mr. Caleb really opened up to us this time around.  Mom loves the natural types of photography.  Natural locations, candid images, and just having fun while taking photographs of them.  There are always plenty of laughs to go around.  Mom even said “I love Ang & Jen and their laid back style of shooting. I enjoy capturing natural poses and emotions – nothing staged.” We definitely achieved that this time around as well.  And since we have been taking pictures of Caleb since he was one, he seems to warm up to us a bit faster each time.

Mom and Caleb are always in simple clothing choices, nothing busy or complicated.  As mom puts it, she likes “simple clothing to focus more on the smiles.” As far as props go, Caleb picked up his own props.  Right off the bat he found a feather on the ground and mom and Caleb talked about what feathers mean to them, that daddy is looking down on them from Heaven and I am sure he was helping guide their beautiful smiles as well.  Caleb carried that feather around throughout our entire session.  We also happen to have a squirt crate with us in the car and we added that to the session so that mom didn’t have to sit on the damp ground.  The crate went well with the natural setting of the woods, trees, plants and grass.

There have been some years where we struggled getting a smile from Caleb. Not this time.  Not only did it genuinely appear that mom and Caleb were truly enjoying their time together and with us, mom had some tricks up her sleeve to help as well.  She suggests bringing “snacks, water and perhaps getting there early to make sure the child is comfortable with the location and isn’t stressed – make the child relax to get the best pics ever….talk about FARTS!”  I must sheepishly admit, when necessary, we do stoop to the fart level to get a good smile, especially from boys, young and old!  I don’t know why, but it always works!

We always enjoy our time with Caleb and his mommy. They have become like family to us over the years and we are always happy to see their appointment pop up on our scheduler. Mom describes her time with us as “the best experience- no stress and I have photos that I can look back on for the rest of my life remembering Caleb as he is in the moment!” We are so happy to hear that and honored to be a part of their lives year after year.  They have been dealt some difficult cards in the past few years.  But Caleb and Mom are strong and together they show that love can get you through anything.  Thank you for allowing us to be your family photographer!

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the convince of your own home.  Either way, make that appointment!  It is so very important to Capture these Moments together as a family!  We are honored to have been a part of capturing treasured moments that will live on for a lifetime with this family.

August 19, 2016 02:20 PM Blog

Congratulations CelesteLCHS High School SeniorClass of 2017!  We hope that your Senior year of High School will be as amazing as you are!  We had a great time with you and your mom and Dad during your High School Senior Photography Session at Belle Isle.  You are a beautiful person, inside and out and it was a pleasure Capturing your High School Senior Moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Celeste is a busy lady!  In the Summer and fall Celeste is involved with the  L’Anse Creuse Marching Band. She plays the Clarinet in band and she is the Head Section Leader for the Clarinet section during the Marching season. She is also involved in the Winterguard at L’Anse Creuse and dances and/or spins and tosses flags. “I have so much fun with both of these activities and I’m interested in doing both of them in college.” Celeste plans on going to a community college to get the General education classes out of the way then transfer to a university once those classes are done. We think that is a great plan and as a self described “fun, creative, and silly” person, we believe she will be successful in all she does in her future.

One of our more recent “favorite” locations is Belle Isle and Celeste agreed to have her shoot at Belle Isle and was very happy that she did.  We love all of the different locations, the textures, the fountain and the view of the City of Detroit skyline from the Island. It was a warm one, as this summer has definitely been, and she handled it like a pro.  Although we aren’t surprised.  Many of our High School Seniors that are involved in Band and Sports are quite accustom to the hot weather and she was no exception! She decided that she wanted a “casual but dressy look” for her shoot and that worked out well with her personality, the location and the heat.  We loved our shoot with Celeste and I believe she felt the same way! Celeste told us that her “session experience was fun and I enjoyed the session.”  She told us that she was a little nervous heading into the session and didn’t really know what to expect but she said she had a great time. It is always a wonderful thing when both the subject and the photographers enjoyed the session, it ALWAYS shows in the final product.

As with many of the girls that we photograph, outfit options are a must.  Celeste brought six outfits and felt that was really more then what she needed.  It can be a bit challenging finding a way or place to change outfits at an outdoor location.  Fortunately, they came in a vehicle that provided her the privacy, and air conditioning, that she needed to be successful in giving her outfit options.  She also brought jewelry but her accessories were limited.  She let her natural beauty and personality speak for itself.  Her advice for other seniors is to “Just be you! If you be yourself you will have more fun during your session.” And that is exactly what she did.  She also suggested that “all you need to do to prepare for a senior photo session is be in a good mood and have a variety of clothes and shoes.” Variety and options are always important to make sure you can adapt to the surroundings and also feel comfortable during the shoot. Celeste always had a smile ready but also gave us her fierce side as well.  She was very comfortable finding flattering poses easily, without much direction.  Her confidence and ability to just be herself definitely helped us Capture Moments that were truly “Celeste”!

We definitely enjoy learning more about our High School Seniors.  We have photographed Celeste and her family in the past and we were honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of this important time in her life.  With all seniors, we love when then bring with them items that they are proud to include in their photographs. Celeste brought with her the flag from her Winterguard show last year. She “brought this prop because Winterguard is something that I love to do on my free time in the winter.” The flag pictures are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot.  It is a prop that we enjoy taking some time to play with and be a bit artistic with by using the sun.  The flipping and capturing the flag flying in the air and the big smile across Celeste’s face is an awesome, awesome thing!

We had a great time with Celeste and we believe that so many good things are on the horizon for this beautiful girl.  It is going to be an exciting year for you Celeste, make sure you take time and enjoy the moments!

If you are a High School Senior this year or you have a child graduating this year, it is time to give us a call at 586-646-8189!  And make sure you let us know that Celeste sent you!  We also have an online booking system ready and waiting 24/7. Now is the time before the weather changes, don’t delay!

Thank you Celeste for honoring us with the privilege of Capturing your High School Senior photos!  Congratulations on this amazing milestone in your life!  You will go far!

August 17, 2016 02:28 PM Blog

Congratulations to Jordan of Anchor Bay High School, Class of 2017! We had a lot of fun with you during your High School Senior Photography shoot.  Jordan is one of our High School Senior Models and we spent most of his photo shoot in Mount Clemens, exploring the sites and finding great places to capture moments unique to Jordan and his interests.  We also visited our Secret River location for a few shoots at the end to mix things up a bit.  Jordan was pretty much game for everything and anything that we threw at him.  We laughed a lot, talked a lot, and all of us, including mom, pretty much enjoyed the time together.  It was a warm one but that has been the trend for this summer in Michigan.

When Jordan isn’t smiling for us, he travels all over the United States and Canada with a travel Ice Hockey team.  He is also a member of the National Honors Society and a volunteer coach. After High School, he plans on continuing his education at Michigan State.  Go Green! Three words that he chose to describe himself were determined, smart and athletic.  All of which we clearly saw while spending time with him during his 90 minute session.  He is also very personable and easy going.  He will go far in life!

I can tell you from our experience with Jordan, he is a super busy guy!  We had a lot of fun walking the City and chatting as we moved from location to location.  Many of the guys that we photograph tend to not look forward to having their picture taken. Jordan was the opposite and admitted that he liked having his picture taken.  He as also open minded and willing to take direction in order to get the best picture. He even admitted that “the biggest fear I had for the photo shoot was looking awkward posing. During the session the photographers helped me find the right shape while sitting comfortably.” That is definitely a goal for us.  We want to make sure that you look as natural as possible and comfortable in any situation.Being that Jordan spends a lot of his time with Ice Hockey, we had thought he would have focused a bit more on that.  He decided he wanted a more relaxed and confident styled photo shoot while still including his hobby in his pictures as well.  For the photo shoot, he decided to include a hockey stick and puck  as props for his shoot to add a piece of his athletic background with ice hockey.  He didn’t want to focus mainly on his hobby but he did want some pictures to include those his Ice Hockey equipment.  And of course, we were more than willing to go along with his plan.One piece of advice he wants to offer to other High School Seniors looking to get their Senior Photos taken is to “find a photography studio that tries to make your pictures unique to you and your life.” And I think we were able to accomplish this for Jordan. He also wants those preparing for their senior session to know they need to “stay calm and relax.  The photographers work with everything you bring to the table, whether or not your posture is bad or if you keep trying for the right smile.” And Jordan is right, that is our job.  Each session is unique. Each senior brings a different style, plan and props to the their session and it is our job to fit that all together for the best session possible.  And yes, we work hard to make sure we are getting a “real” smile.  When you visit us, I am sure you will hear some of the jokes needed to pull those “real” smiles out. I guess you need to make that appointment to find out!As always, we love feedback and Jordan let us know that “my experience with Capture A Moment was phenomenal. The photographers are easy to work with and personable to my mother and I.” Once again, it is great to have some wonderful feedback.  We really did enjoy our time with both Jordan and his mom.  When a shoot is fun for both us and the client, everything just goes so much smoother.  That was the case during this photo shoot.  It was just a nice evening and the pictures reflect that ease and relaxed mood.If you are looking to for High School Senior Photography, look no further!  We have definitely been enjoying our senior sessions this summer.  If you are graduating this year, it is time to make your appointment.  It is very common to photograph High School Seniors before their senior year of High School.  It gives you time to take your yearbook photo and it gives your parents time to use your photographs for invitations, etc.  So, if you are graduating this coming school year, call us at 586-646-8189 today to make your appointment or schedule your session on our easy peasy online scheduler!

Thank you Jordan for trusting us with your High School Senior memories!  We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!

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