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Jace | Family Photography | New Baltimore Photography Studio

September 21, 2016
Happy First Birthday Jace! We had so much fun with Jace at our New Baltimore Photography Studio for his Family Photography shoot for his First Birthday!  Mom was going for a simple look and theme that tied into his birthday theme.  She “wanted fishing, and the name was the big ONE.” Mom was able to use the same shirt at his shoot that he wore for his birthday party.  Since she wanted the photo shoot and birthday party theme to be this same, this worked out perfectly! All of the decorations and his shirt were ordered from Etsy. If you have never shopped Etsy for unique party pieces, you must give it a whirl. In fact, mom suggests to other parents to check out Pinterest and Etsy for your little one’s birthday party. “I got all my ideas from there, and it turned out just how I wanted.” Nice job Mom!  Jace is adorable and the theme worked out perfectly for his photo shoot and I am guessing his birthday as well!

This was the first time we had the chance to work with Jace, his Mom and Dad.  We were honored that they chose to come visit us for such a special occasion.  Having been the first time working together, we are always happy to report that mom felt her overall experience at Capture A Moment Photography was “Fantastic! We had a great experience.  We will be using you guys again!” We are always super excited to hear such great feedback!  In preparing for the shoot and as a tip to other parents, Mom said “I would not bring too much, you do not want to overwhelm them or your photos. Know your child, mine doesn’t like a lot of outfit changes, so I kept it simple to keep him happy.” We could not agree more with Mom’s assessment.  We are always quick to caution parents on the number of outfit changes with young ones.  They typically don’t enjoy being changed more than once, if that.  And we would rather you have a couple of set ups with the same outfit rather than a couple of outfits but an angry or upset child.  It is often best to go with one outfit that can be paired with a couple of set ups and if your little one tolerates a change, awesome. If not, you will still have plenty of images to choose from.

Thank you again for choosing Capture A Moment Photography for Jace’s First Birthday pictures!  We look forward to working with your family for years to come!

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the ease of your own home.  Either way, make that appointment!  It is so very important to Capture these Moments together as a family!  We are honored to have been a part of capturing treasured moments that will live on for a lifetime with this family.

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