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Brianna | L’Anse Creuse High School | Class of 2017 | High School Senior Photography

September 5, 2016

Recently we had a wonderful High School Senior Photography shoot with Brianna, Class of 2017 from L’Anse Creuse High School! Brianna is a Drum Major for LCHS marching band, a Girl Scout of 12 years, Student director of the drama club, in the Pankow Performing Arts program, involved in student council, national honor society, and link crew. She is definitely quite the busy lady!

For Brianna’s shoot we decided to take a different approach with our City of Detroit session. The look Brianna was going for was a simple, yet intricate look. And I believe we accomplished that easily with the different locations, architecture and clothing options and of course our beautiful Brianna. After a fun planning consultation with Brianna and her mom and dad, “we chose Belle Isle, and it was beautiful! I think it gave off the look I wanted.” Jen and I could not agree more!

Brianna is a part of our High School Senior Model program this year. The program was designed to not only help spread the word to other graduating seniors about our services but also to help us learn and grow from our experiences and feedback from each model. Brianna doesn’t exactly enjoy having her pictures taken even though she was a total trooper throughout. So I am glad that she felt that “the overall session experience was good.” And that she was “glad to have done it.” Her one piece of advice that she has for other seniors getting ready to have their session is “DON’T STRESS OUT and just be yourself.” Great words of advice my dear! We often spend the first part of the session getting our seniors to just relax. And by the end, they are having fun, smiling, cracking jokes  and enjoying this special occasion.

As with all sessions, planning is crucial. We gladly offer a planning consultation to anyone interested. It’s a great time to discuss locations, what to expect at various locations and discuss outfits, accessories and make-up, when that applies, of course. Brianna brought 4 outfits. She suggests to other seniors to “have all outfits planned way in advance. Plan with the weather, and have options (more casual, and more dressy options).” Brianna had one heck of a hot and humid session. This summer was brutal for senior session. And even though we were by the water and it was the latest evening appointment possible, it was hot. The weather will often decide your outfit selection and that was the case for Brianna. For her session, she decided not to accessorize her outfits with anything outside her normal day to day jewelry.  She also did her own make-up for the session which is a great way to keep her look true to herself. There are arguments on both sides for wearing more make-up verses not wearing make-up and everything in between. At the end of the day, it is your session and we want you to be happy and comfortable. We will never force anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing! Be you bravely!

Brianna was definitely a bit nervous about her session with us even though she is rather familiar and comfortable with us, often calling Jen “Mom Dera”. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out but she had some hesitations and her biggest fear about the session was her insecurities with having her picture taken which she said “really got to me. I worried about it quite a bit, but the outcome really put my mind at ease. Once I was in the middle of it, all the insecurities slowly faded away.” And you could see those insecurities fade as the session progressed. Unfortunately, that is something we see ALL the time, in ALL of the different types of sessions we shoot. Society puts pressure on us. We question ourselves and our appearances. It can be hard to push past that feeling and it happens all the time. It’s one of the things that Jen and I pride ourselves on helping our beautiful clients push past that and we want you to reach the point that we are Capturing the real you, the beautiful you. We hope that we are able to help you through those insecurities and it shows in the outcome of our work. Brianna, you are beautiful on so many levels, don’t ever think you are not!

As a self described “quirky, funny and kind” person, Brianna was a blast to work with even in the hottest and sweatiest of conditions. We laughed, we explored, we even met a wonderful man that runs The Smile Brand and The Baltimore Gallery in Detroit. He was happy to have us and we enjoyed learning more about what they hope to do for the youth in the City of Detroit.

Brianna plans “to attend college for theatre and music” after she graduates. She has no specific plans yet but we know she will do great things. Her experiences as a leader, her educational successes and her participation in the have definitely helped give her a solid basis to start her next journey in life. Enjoy your senior year Brianna! Congratulations!

If you are a graduating senior this school year, it’s time to give us a call today at 586-646-8189 to set up your senior session. We still have some times available, but not for long, so don’t delay! You can also use our online scheduling program to make your appointment!

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