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My First Hand Experience with a Photo Shoot

September 5, 2016

Firstly… introductions!! My name is Denise and I have been helping out around here at Capture a Moment for the last few months. Some of you may have stopped in while I am here to pick something up or I help with making appointments over the phone and so on. I love the atmosphere at Capture a Moment and I am thankful that Jen & Ang let me hang around.

My daughter, Brianna, is a Senior this year at L’Anse Creuse High School and also one of the Capture a Moment Senior Models.  I fully admit, that while I work here, I don’t know much about the actual photography process!  I do not have the artistic gift that these ladies possess and I cannot see how things will look like they can.  So, we scheduled a consultation where Jen and Ang told us about what type of clothes we should come prepared with, gave us some hair and make up tips, and just a few little things that I would never have thought of. During our consultation, they suggested Belle Isle and the surrounding area for her session and we went ahead and made the appointment.

Brianna got more than the amount of outfits she needed, and we narrowed it down to 4. The day we were doing the photo’s it was 95 degrees and pretty humid; thank you Michigan!  We skipped the black jeans option and stuck with jean shorts to help counter the heat a bit. Brianna was totally nervous, and I admit, I was not much better. I was worried for Brianna, she is very self conscious and doesn’t like getting her pictures taken. I have three children and my second daughter will love the limelight when it is her turn, but Brianna is not that way. Brianna’s boyfriend came along to help make her feel comfortable and he was great. He knew his role and he was happy to help.

We met up with them and we did a couple stops on our way to Belle Isle. We stopped by this painted wall downtown that I drive past everyday to work in my “normal” job. I never would have thought of that wall as a back drop for pictures, especially for Brianna. Right across the street was an old dilapidated building and Ang pointed out the amazing arch and stairway that would make for a great picture. Again, something I pass every day and see as blight and they saw beauty. We took pictures at those spots and went on to some others. Jen was laying on the ground, in gravel to get shots; it was amazing to watch.

When Brianna changed clothes she would get stiff again having to take more pictures, not feeling comfortable in her own skin. Her boyfriend would start dancing and making faces at her that were not necessarily his normal nature and we would all smile.

We ended with pictures at the beautiful fountain at Belle Isle and the sun was setting fast. They had a special light that looked to me like a light saber. It was amazing the way it would change the way the photo looked. Ang held the light like the Statue of Liberty while Jen got the shots she wanted.

When the sun had gone down, we were finally ready to leave. I was exhausted, and they had all worked so hard because they wanted my daughter to have beautiful pictures and a fabulous experience.  Not because she is my daughter, but because they take pride in what they do, and they want the best for each client. I was this tired and all I did was follow around and watch! They put everything they have into their job.

In all honestly, I will never look at booking another appointment the same as I did before this experience. When you look at the pictures that are on our website and Facebook, I now know that they did everything they could to get the shot that they knew was possible. I knew I was working with talented ladies but their talent is a gift and they want to share it with us.

My First Hand Experience with a Photo Shoot

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