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Bailee | Dakota High School | Class of 2017 | High School Senior Photography

September 9, 2016

Congratulations Bailee from Dakota High SchoolClass of 2017!  We had a great time with Bailee and her family in Mount Clemens. She came with a bunch of fun ideas to try and beautiful outfits. One of the fun parts of our High School Senior Photography shoots is the chance to get to know the student better.  Every student has a different story, a different plan for life and it is always a fun time together.  A little bit about Bailee… Bailee has been working at Claire’s for a little over a year now, and plans on starting a Spanish Club during her senior year with her friend.  She also loves to write and loves astronomy. Bailee describes herself as thoughtful, outgoing and enthusiastic and you could definitely feel her free spirit and her ambition to move to a big city to experience the world.  So very cool and we know you will LOVE the Big City Bailee!  We can’t wait to see all the places you will go!

Bailee definitely had a plan for her photo shoot.  She decided that she was going for an urban look for her shoot and chose Downtown Mt. Clemens to accomplish that look.  “I loved taking pictures in downtown Mt. Clemens.  My dream is to live in a city like Chicago or New York and I wanted my senior pictures to represent that.  I loved the location.  It was close to home and there were so many locations that were prefect for my city-setting.” Part of her plan, of course, involved her outfit choices. She brought three different outfits, and she thought that was ample enough.  She felt that more than three outfits, and “you’re pushing it.  If anything I would have chosen outfits that were easier to get on and off.” She also didn’t really accessorize very much.  She wore some earrings and felt it was enough.  Bailee thought that “too much jewelry will take away from the main focus, which is you!” Along that same line, Bailee recommends going natural and light with makeup, and having a casual hairstyle.  For Bailee’s shoot, she had her hair done at Blo Salon, and her makeup done at Ulta, “which are both wonderful places!” Her final personal touch for her shoot was using two rustic-looking suitcases and a globe.  She decided to bring them because “they represent my desire to travel the world when I get older.” And that was definitely the theme throughout the entire shoot and it worked out perfectly.

Bailee has some advice for other student’s preparing to get their senior pictures taken.  She suggests having your “outfits and props planned and ready to go a few days before the shoot just so you have time to add anything last minute.  I would have have some poses in mind beforehand, but if not, Jen and Angela will have some awesome ideas.” Everyone that comes to us is different.  Some are ready with poses and positioning and others need more assistance and everywhere in between.  If you are afraid to have your shoot because you aren’t comfortable posing for a picture, no worries, we have you covered.  Bailee would also like to “advise the other seniors to be themselves and have fun!  You only take senior pictures once!” We agree!  This is a one time gig, have fun with it and be yourself!

As I have said before, we love getting feedback.  It helps us to grow and change and improve our services and abilities for all of those we work with.  So, I must admit, it is definitely a wonderful feeling when you get to hear some pretty great feedback. Bailee said “I loved my photoshoot!  Jen and Angela were nothing but accommodating!  They were fun and enthusiastic.  They were very willing to run with some of the poses I had in mind.  And I was amazed at their eye for detail. I was afraid I wouldn’t fee comfortable during the photo shoot and there wouldn’t be enough time for three outfit changes and still get all of the poses I wanted.  But thankfully most locations we were able to get to on foot and Jen and Angela made me feel very comfortable!” Thank you Bailee!  You were a pleasure to work with and your inspiration for all things travel made it a breeze to Capture wonderful Moments for you and your family to cherish forever!

Bailee plans to go to Peru with Dakota’s Spanish classes after graduation, then a little bit of summer vacation and off to college to start her life after High School.  Congratulations Bailee!  Enjoy your senior year and all that you have ahead of you!

If you are a graduating senior this year, it is time to book your appointment!  Call us today at 586-646-8189 to grab your spot in our schedule.  Or, as always, you are welcome to visit our online booking tool to schedule your shoot.  Now is the time, don’t delay!

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