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The Wolford Family and Newborn

January 14, 2018

Melissa and Don aren't new to the Capture A Moment family.  They live down the street from Ang and we've known each other for years.  We were so excited to get the call that Wrigley Sinclair was born and they wanted to schedule a newborn session.  We did a maternity shoot with the family right before she was born on November 28th.  It was such a sweet session and two-year old Berkley was so excited to have a new sibling on the way.  Melissa felt that the photo shoot at George George Park was easy and comfortable and the pictures turned out "gorgeous".  We love hearing that!

The entire family came in for the photo shoot in our studio.  We photographed them together, separate with Wrigley & Berkley and then a few with each of the parents.  We really like to take our time and provide a good variety of options so that there is plenty to choose from with your final photo selection.  We did quite a number of different backdrops and sets.  Melissa likes it best when the shots are simple so we were happy to abide by her wishes and utilized very few props.  Overall, Melissa felt the session was comfortable and relaxing. Her advice to other parents is, "go with the flow...you can't manage a newborn but they will get a great shot regardless.  Babies aren't cooperative but Jen and Ang are patient".  

It was sweet to watch Berkley with Wrigley. She loves her little sister.  When Wrigley came home from the hospital, Berkley had a cold so they had her kiss Wrigleys feet instead. Now, the cold is gone but its still something special that Berkley does with her baby sister.  During the shoot, she loved to give Wrigley kisses.  Such a special session.  Berkley also made us laugh by smiling and saying "I'm photogenic". Yes, you actually are Berk!  This one smiles on cue and we LOVE that!!!  She has been featured quite a number of times on our social channels because she is so darn cute.  

If you are in need of family photos, please give us a call.  Our goal is to customize every shoot so that it meets your needs and is memorable.  Don't hesitate to give us a call or visit our online scheduler to make an appointment.  

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