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Kasey - Anchor Bay - Class of 2018

August 5, 2017

It's time to meet Kasey, Class of 2018, from Anchor Bay High School! Kasey, a self described thoughtful, compassionate and witty person, has plans to attend college after graduation but hasn't quite decided where she wants to attend. She sees herself in the nursing or teaching fields. Have fun this year!  You are going to do great things! 

We met up with Kasey and her mom at Belle Isle on a warm July evening. The sun was shining, Belle Isle was busy but not crazy busy and Kasey came prepared with her gorgeous smile.  Casey chose Belle Isle because she thought Belle Isle was a beautiful place and she loves the view of Detroit from the Island. Tonight was yet another night that Belle Isle did not disappoint! If you haven't been to Belle Isle recently, you must!

As with every session, a bit of planning has to take place. The first choice is location and she had that one covered! Next up would be outfits.  Kasey "tried to match all of my outfits for the same color scheme, but I also wanted to show what was in style at the time so when I look back on my pictures years from now, I can remember the styles as they change." Kasey mixed it up with a dress, a romper and a pair of jeans. Kasey had wished she had brought more wardrobe choices since she had a few issues with the options she brought but we were able to make it work and everything turned out beautifully. Kasey suggests that other seniors "try to keep your clothes simple to make changing easier, and don't lose your smile!" Great advice Kasey!

In addition to clothing, she also brought with her earrings and jewelry to match the outfits she had planned.  Accessorizing  often adds that extra touch to pull everything together. Along with accessories, you can't forget hair and make up!  For Kasey, she did her own makeup and had her mom's friend, Stephanie, curl her  "hair to dress it up a little." The whole look turned out beautifully!  We also suggest that Seniors not deviate to far from their normal appearance. Casey's advice for someone else that may be preparing for a senior photo session... "Practice your smile and whiten your teeth!"

"I had a great time!" ~ Kasey 

If you are graduating this year or have a student graduating this year, it is now time to have Senior Pictures taken!  Call today at 586-646-8189 or feel free to book online.  Spots are filling fast, we don't want you to miss your chance for memorable High School Senior Photographs. 

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