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Shanon and Eric's Wedding Day

January 5, 2018

We are honored to be chosen to photograph Shanon and Eric's wedding in October.  We met them at The Royal Park Hotel where the bride and groom prepared with their wedding parties.  Here, we captured pictures of the wedding dress, bridal party, parents and others.  Like so many couples do these days, Eric and Shanon first saw each other before the wedding.  It enabled us to capture some really nice photos of them and their wedding party before the ceremony and reception.  

The wedding took place at Shelby Gardens where they also had their reception.  The reception incorporated coffee because Shanon and Eric were engaged at Tim Hortons.  In fact, when the coffee didn't show, Jen & Ang saved the day by one person covering the photography while the other raced off to Tim Hortons to grab the coffee!  The beauty of having two photographers!  The reception ceremony turned out great.  They had a really fun desert table and chandelier cake which we have never seen done before.  If we ever have the opportunity to order one, we will definitely be doing so.  Loved it.  Best of all, Shanon's son surprised his mom and wrote a heartfelt speech that brought everyone to tears in the room.  The love that this family has for each other could certainly be felt in the room.  They are a blended family that refers to themselves as "The Bee Family".  B is the first intiial of Eric's last name and by using only this initial, it is their family's way of honoring everyone being a part of the family.  Such a touching story with such a beautiful sentiment.  

Capture A Moment Photography only books a very small amount of weddings during the year because of the heavy emphasis we place on family photography.  Being a part of Shanon and Eric's day was really special.  We hope to see Shanon and Eric in our studio in the future so that we can capture even more special moments as their family grows and flourishes over the coming years.   

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