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Ihnat Family

November 4, 2017

Today's blog comes straight from one of our clients.  We have worked with Dustin and Michelle Ihnat for years. Their 4 year old daughter is Sophia and she loves parks which is why they chose a photo session at George George.  They were rewarded with an 80 degree fall day full of color.  After each photo session, we send a questionnaire which asks our clients for their thoughts on how the session went, any advice they have for families who are thinking of booking, etc.  This feedback helps to ensure that we are providing a family friendly, professional experience.  Michelle's questionnaire came back with great advice plus some kind words on her experience that we think might help provide comfort to any potential NEW client considering Capture A Moment for the first time.  

Here are Michelle's recollections:  

Tell us about your favorite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session.  "Jen and Ang navigated the park effortlessly, and knew exactly which areas of the park would provide the most beautiful background for our photos. We had such a wonderful time throughout our entire session, Jen and Ang always make our sessions so much fun!"

 "I love plum and navy blue color combinations, especially for the fall season. I chose to incorporate plum and navy blue hues while focusing on comfort when selecting our outfits". 

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session?  "Words of wisdom I can provide based on my personal experience is to go with the flow and trust that Jen and Ang will capture the most beautiful moments of your family/children, regardless of the circumstances. As a mother of a toddler, I know first hand that things do not always play out as we envision; however, regardless of whether my toddler is running around, making "snow angels" on the floor or communicating via facial expressions/body language that she is not happy with mom/dad because of something that happened moments before or even during our session...Jen and Ang are somehow always able to capture beautiful photos of our daughter and family".

We have done many sessions with Jen and Ang; we continue to book sessions, as Jen and Ang always capture such beautiful moments of our daughter and family that we will forever cherish".

We always have such a wonderful experience with Jen and Ang; they make our sessions so much fun, and are always able to capture the most beautiful moments of our daughter and family".

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