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Lillian - L'Anse Creuse High School - Class of 2018

August 12, 2017

Welcome to the Class of 2018 Model team Lily! As self described "different, caring, and determined", Lily has plans to attend Wayne State for medical schooling of some sort after her senior year at L'Anse Creuse High School Central.  Lily is a drum major this year with the L'Anse Creuse Marching Band and she also loves reading and being in the outdoors.   Poor Lily ended up with an unexpected sunburn the day before and she and her mom were really concerned that it would affect the outcome of her pictures.  Fortunately for Lily, it worked out great with a little help from her long hair and her outfit choices!  We told ya, no worries!  

Lily chose a fun combination for her High School Senior shoot.  We were able to visit Comerica Park, the Fox, the back of the DIA, Eastern Market and Belle Isle.  Whew!  It helped that she was well organized and willing to change in the car in between locations.  Her goal was "something original and unique." and therefore she chose the Detroit area. "I love downtown and it's looks." She and her family scoped out the locations prior to the shoot which helped us be able to swiftly move from one location to the next in an effort to meet and exceed her expectations. 

The fun part about downtown is the various different back drops available.  It allows the Senior to coordinate outfits to their personalities and the location.  Lily brought 4 outfits and ended up only wearing 3 but she felt that was the perfect amount for her.  She chose to accessorize with rings and a necklace. Lily suggests that you "make sure you have everything ready before the day of pictures, outfits, accessories, shoes, etc." and we couldn't agree more.  We would take it one step further and suggest that you try on each outfit with the accessories and any necessary undergarments to make sure everything fits and sits just the way you had hoped it would.  Lily pulled off all of her outfits beautifully!  Nice job Lily! 

As far as hair and makeup, Lily visited April Babcock from Excel Salon Spa. Lily looked flawless!  She suggested you make sure to "use lots of hair spray and bring extra bobby pins. April Babcock was great for both hair and makeup." Fortunately, for Lily, the weather was perfect and the wind was not an issue. We couldn't have asked for better conditions. Lily was concerned that it "would be too windy, but the weather was excellent." With Michigan weather, you just never know, especially this year!  So our best advice is to be prepared for any and everything!  

Lily said her overall senior photo session experience with us was excellent and that she had a lot of fun with us!! So excited to see how they come out! ~Lily

If you are a part of the Class of 2018 or a parent of a student that is graduating this year, don't hesitate to give us a class or visit or online scheduler to make your appointment.  We also offer a free consultation to help you decide your location and wardrobe changes.  Don't hesitate! Book today! 

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