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Bryce | Utica Academy for International Studies | Class of 2017 | High School Senior Photography

September 13, 2016

Congratulations BryceClass of 2017 from Utica Academy for International Studies.  We visited Belle Isle for Bryce’s High School Senior Photography pictures.  We weren’t sure how the shoot was going to end up since the weather was definitely looming.  I think the end result was beautiful.

We started the shoot at the famous James Scott Memorial Fountain and the rain was definitely threatening. However, cloud cover is actually a gift in an open space such as the fountain.  It allows us to take pictures anywhere around the fountain with out worrying about the sun and squinty eyes.  It also makes for a pretty cool looking sky in the pictures. As a result of the rain, once the sun came through, we enjoyed a beautiful rainbow and we even lucked out and were able to capture a few images with the rainbow in the background.

Bryce had multiple changes with her which worked out well with all the possibilities that Belle Isle has to offer. It is always a great idea to have both casual and dressy options to use.  It is also great to have outfits that can easily be changed in the car or even in the open if needed.  With every session, we strive to spend as much time as we can actually taking pictures.  So quick change outfits are a must.  Quick changes were pretty easy for Bryce and because of all the driving to each of the different spots on Belle Isle, Bryce was able to change in her vehicle, which makes life so much easier!

Bryce, we wish you well with all you are going to do in the next year and with your future!  Enjoy your senior year of high school!  It goes by quickly!

If you are a High School Senior and you are ready to have your pictures taken, please give us a call at 586-646-8189 ASAP to make your appointment before we book up for the season! You are also welcome to visit our online booking to set up your appointment today!

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on April 18, 2017 10:21 AM
These are just stunning! My wife alyssa and I hope to see our dear neice bryce in the near future. We are so proud of her for finally graduating! We cant wait to see you doing big things with your life at wendys! xoxo hags baby!
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